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Kitten with Kittens

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I never imagined that we would own one cat let alone six. We took in Mr. Nippers about 2 years ago he was pretty much the cat of the house. We were camping in Italy in late August and discovered a kitten who had been burned by cigarettes, cut and dehydrated from having to hide in a very hot room. We took her to a vet on a local military base who fixed her, and gave her a clean bill of health. She weighed a little less than three pounds and estimated her age at 3 months (maybe a little younger). Believe it or not she was pregnant.

In the end of September, she gave birth to five kittens and four of them were born alive. Belle was not able to give the kittens enough milk (although she tried like a champ). We hand feed them and helped her out around the clock. Even Mr. Nippers (our 18+ pound Tabby) helped the mother by keeping the kittens in line. He is quite the adoptive father.

Well the story has a good ending as we have a kitten with four very beautiful and loving kittens. My daughters have named them and looks as thgouh we will keep the enitre family. Wish me luck.
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How lucky she is that you found her! Make sure to have her and the kittens fixed as soon as possible! As you have seen for yourself they can reproduce at a very young age! Hope they bring you years of love and happiness!
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Thanks. Here is my best attempt at a photo.
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That is so sweet of you to take on such a big kitty family. Mr Nippers sure sounds the proud father (even though he is not the father).

What have you named the kittens?

Good luck with your new, HUGE family!
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You're a champ too for taking the little kitten in

How could people burn her? I've given up on trying to figure out why, at least you rescued her. And now she's given you some kittens too.

I hope everything goes well for you.
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Welcome to the site Nippers! What an angel you are to take in a kitty in such a situation. Poor baby girl! I can't believe one so young could have kittens. I've heard of them having babies young, but goodness! Obviously, she found a great home with you and Mr. Nippers to help her. She is a very pretty kitty.

Feel free to ask any and all questions you may have in the Feline Companions forums, or just join us in the Lounge to chat. I hope you love this place as much as the rest of us do.
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You're a good kitty mom! It's a miracle she had any live kittens. We took in a very young stray who was also pregant and very young. We lost quite a few of them. And we had to have a Caesarean done on Checkers, the young mommy. One kitten had got stuck. So, she was spayed at that time.
I do hope all the little ones thrive!
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Good morning all. Someone asked how Belle was burned. It was either a cigarette or a hot stick as near as we can tell. She was either cut or hit with a switch. Once again, we cannot tell. My guess is that one of the local Italians dropped her off on the base and hoped someone would rescue her. Ms. Bella is a tortoiseshell and probably the gentlest cat I have ever met. She is permanently stiff when she walks. The vet thinks this probably due to the abuse she suffered as a kitten. The good news is that she does not have any diseases associated with feral cats and has otherwise recovered. She will need regular vet care, but so do the rest of my kids.

The kitten’s names are LB (or little bear); she is the totally black female. Calvin is the chocolate and white tabby male. Tank is the medium haired gray male (with a perfect Tabby mask) and is almost three pounds at 9 weeks of age hence the name. Peaches is a peach and white colored tabby male. The one that assed on was a calico. Mr. Nippers is a Bengal tabby mix and weighs in at about 18 pounds. He takes showers and loves baby shampoo.

We also have three daughters and many of the local kids call our house home.
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It's so terrible sad to think of someone deliberately hurting an innocent kitten. It must be painful for you to see her walk, knowing that her stiffness is a result of deliberate cruelty. It's almost miraculous that Belle has such a wonderful disposition!
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Thanks for the concern. Yes, it really bothers me that someone did this to a member of our family (even if it was before us). Actually, we do not even notice the stiff gate any more. Actually, I had an accident the military that left me with some similar injuries so she and I are truly kindred spirits. The girls always there to help her gather the kittens when she calls them and they are being mischievous. So all in all her life is a lot better than most! We are lucky that she adopted us!
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Belle is behind Mr. Nippers this was about 2 weeks before the birth.
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Peaches, Tank, Little Bear and Calvin
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Mr. Nipper is a big boy! More of him to love, right? Those kittens are just adorable. Just ship Little Bear right over to me. I'm partial to black kitties anyway, and she is such a little doll.
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This is the "Human Mom" in Nippers house! Thanks for all the kind words...Nippers has learned to share the bed with all of the newcomers. He had Mommy and Daddy all to himself for quite a while.

For those of you who like black kitties here is a picture of our little Bear.
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