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Plant Eating

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Any tips on getting them to not like your favorite plant? Rita
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Not from me, I've been trying for months. What I have done is put all the plants on a table, cluttered together so Twinkle will not have room to jump up there. All my floor plants are now together, taking up all the space on all tables. There are only a couple plants she likes to chew on; she ate a baby spider from a spider plant, and threw it up, this was a while ago, she didn't eat for a couple days after that so i think she taught herself a lesson. (i happen to know this because, of course, i cleaned up the vomit, saw something strange in there and got the idea to check the plant)
I also keep a spray bottle within easy reach, the nozzle is set to stream so it can spray about eight feet away.
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Keep a steady supply of cat grass on hand, growing it yourself is the least expensive way to go.

Also, please familiarize yourself with the types of plants that are poisonous to cats and eliminate them from your household.
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i have my plants in my bay window, and have them lined up so they cant get to them. Tigger tried his luck with the catus, and got a qill in his lip for his efforts, so he steers clear,lol

I also put lemon and lime rinds soaked in citrus oil around the base of the plants, they HATE that!!!
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Buy some Bitter Apple spray at the pet store. I sprayed this once on my plants, and it worked instantly. Every six or eight months, I spray them again.

If your cat really loves eating greens, then, yes, always provide cat grass.
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That's what I put in the dirt around my pots. Then foil on the edges. Hope tries to get into it, but usually decides it's too much trouble.
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I used a water bottle when I was first trying to teach her but soon after I gave that up since it only works if I am right there to catch her in the act.
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