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Lethargic kitty

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Just wondering if any one has had a similar experience? Kitty fully recovered from a bladder stone about two weeks ago. Then last week came down with a fever. After many tests and xrays at the vet...no conclusion, and kitty is still lethargic and not eating too much? Any ideas?
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If your kitty is changing from a kitten to a cat, they tend to slow down some. It may also just be tired from getting over from the fever and needs more time to recoperate. Is your baby still eating and drinking? If not go to a different vet and see if they come up with a better solution.
(((hugs))) to you and your kitty!
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Kitty is two + a half, and we just adopted her from the shelter 2 wks ago. We had her here on foster care for a month. It's so sad, she's just not herself
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I asked on another board for you- and here were some of the answers:

has he been given anything for the fever to bring it down?? Blood tests indicate anything, like high white count? Are the kidneys tender?? Are fluids being given..and is output ok? What does the urinalysis say?

Also, did they do an ultrasound of the bladder...not everythin will show on xray...

Just some ideas, poor baby I hope they are at least treating the fever.

also another answer:

Could it be that she has an infection or if she passed the stone(your post did not indicate) that it scratched the bladder and caused an infection?

What does the vet think? Is she on antibiotics, I think she should be.

The board is staffed with vet techs that are very knowledgeable. I hope they have helped you figure this out.
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Thank you so much for all the info.
She has been on Anafen for 5 days for the fever.
Blood work was done, everything looks to be in order.
Just one of those odd unexplained illnesses.
Good new is...kitty is feeling much better this eve!!! She has eaten more tonight than in the last 2 wks put together. Also back to her scrappy self. Hope this means she's on the mend!
Thanks again.
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