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Mary Jane is Sick

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One of my cat's nipples is very swollen and purple and it hurts her when it is touched. She is laying on the couch and seems very lethargic. I am very worried about her and I want to her to see a vet right away but my mother refuses and says Mary-Jane is not sick and she doesn't need to see a vet. I'm very upset. What should I do? I have no money, no transportation, nothing to get her to the vet.
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That sounds like mastitis. Here is some info about it


It is very important that she see a vet. The article indicates that it's an emergency, particularly because of the lethargy. Do you think that information would change your mom's mind?
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It is really hard for someone when they cant do somethingbecause of a parent. But just try to keep Mary jane as comfortable as possible. And try to keep convincing your mom. There isnt much else you can do right now. Do you know anyone else who can take her to the vet for you?
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has she got kittens nursing?
if yes then you need to try and cover that nipple to stop them suckling from it as it can posion the kittens. is there anyone else that can take her to the vet for you?
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I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. I hope things get better soon.
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