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Well, it's official (warning...touch of cuteness)

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Mischief Mistoffolees of Jellicle is an adopted Uncle!!

Freeway knows that Mischief is "da' man" to hang out with, and Mischief just loves him to pieces

"Nyaa can't touch me cuz' Unky Mischief will whup you...nyaa nyaa..PFFFFFFT!"

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Aww... just a thouch of cuteness?! It's so very nice to see most of the tribe getting along so well with little Freeway!
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Awwww...that's adorable! Everyone needs a good role model in their lives!! If not a bodyguard!!
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I think I want to come live with the Jellicle Tribe, and just stare at Freeway all day long.
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Looks like little Mr Freeway has taken over the hearts of the Jellicle Tribe!
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They are very cute together
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Aww. So cute!

I love Freeway's colors.
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thick as thieves.....
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haha, that is sweet! He sure looks like he's telling the others!!!
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Awww just look at that sweetness!
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Freeway is getting to be a big boy, and so cute. I am happy for the tribe that their new member is fitting in so well.
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AWWWW! That is the cutest thing I've seen all day!!!
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Aww..he looks like his bodyguard
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beautiful babies!
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Sweet as can be!!
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ahha, cute pics
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Oh my goodness! Too cute! I love the marking on the little one!
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