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Ok, I'm curious. Who were the fathers?

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As most of you know, I have three litters of kittens right now. I'm curious to find out who the fathers of each litter may have been. Here's a little info on each litter:

Litter 1: now 7 weeks old. Mom, Sasha, is a former feral seal lynx point Siamese. The vet said she was spayed but when she escaped and I couldn't catch her for 3 days she came back pregnant. I know she was hanging out with the male seal point Siamese that was dropped off here with her, and there are a few strays that the neighbor cares for and I know of three that are intact males... a grey/white tabby, a solid black, and a cream. Three of the female kittens were born solid white. We lost one of those three. Of the two remaining we have:


and Izzy:

Then there were the other two kittens in the litter, a Calico and a little tabby boy:


and Jack:

Litter 2: now 6 weeks old. Mom is a dark grey with black tabby stripes. She has one cream colored back foot, and has a few orange markings throughout her fur. Not sure what color she'd be considered, I just say grey tabby. She showed up here already pregnant, I have no clue if she had been dropped off or if she came over from the neighbors colony. So I don't know what males she could have been around. She had four female kittens, one mostly black with a small white spot on her chest and belly.

This is Lilly Bear:

and the other three are what I call grey tabbies.

Jasmine is lighter than the other two with very distinct "spots" and stripes:

Rosie is darker in color than Jasmine:

And Holly looks most like mom, she's a darker grey tabby with an orange spot on her head, random orange spots throughout her fur and a cream colored front foot:

I'll post the third litter in a reply.
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And this is the third litter. The mom came to me as a rescue, her owners didn't want her anymore. She herself is a red tabby with quite a bit of white. She had three boys and two girls.

One boy is solid red:

this boy is cream with white feet and chest and a little white on his face:

and this boy is a dark red and white

this girl is obviously Calico

and this one I guess would be considered a Tortie, although her coloring is interesting... her legs and sides have tabby stripes while her back is solid black (or could be dark grey) with orange spots, and she has a bit of white on her as well.

one of the Tortie's face
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Ok - litter #1

The two pointed ones probaby have the pointed father (one or both parents are also carrying the dilute gene).

The calico has a red tabby/white father (because the seal point mom acts like "black" genetically)

The brown tabby (Jack)'s father is either the same red tabby as the calico or could be another brown tabby.

Now litter #2

They are all BROWN tabbies - not blue tabbies - brown comes in many shades - the one female is a Brown Patched tabby like the mother. More then likely the father is a brown tabby or a black. The black kitten could have one father and the rest another father - so 2 fathers involved.

When you have a "cold" brown it looks more black/grey then the warmer brown - and a black father could also influence the more black shading in the coats.
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#3 Litter

ALL of the boys are RED tabbies - not solid nor cream - they are just different shades (my one rex litter had 3 red tabbys in it - all different shades from light red to dark red)

The other is a calico and the sister would be tortie/white

Almost all calico/torties will have a little striping in the red color - that's typical and not different.

Since mom is a red herself, then the father of the kittens is black - has to be to get the calico/tortie
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Thank you!!!
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You're welcome I think out of them all I'd choose that dark red tabby/white boy

I like the warmer brown tabbies over the colder ones.
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