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And there's a reason I live in a building that doesn't allow any residents under 16...

Curfews only happen when parenting fails.
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Wow that's nuts, and the eviction threat is way out of line.
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I can understand the curfew, but they should probably reconsider the time for the 16-17, at least so it matches the city's curfew because of working situations. However, I cannot agree with the curfew for 18-yr-olds. I assume that you are in the United States (correct me if I'm wrong), and an 18-yr-old is legally an adult, and so 18-yr-olds should not have a curfew (unless their parents give them one, and then that's their business). Technically, that's age discrimination since they are not setting a curfew for the other legal adults.

And eviction after 2 violations is just insane!

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Wow...that would really infuriate me if I were living there. On the one hand, something just doesn't seem legal about that. On the other hand, the city where I grew up instituted a curfew for anyone 17 and under when I was in high school. So who knows whether such things are actually okay. But if enough tenants are mad about it, they should definitely get together and complain. If the management has to worry about a mass of tenants leaving at the end of their lease, they may rethink such policies. I do seem to recall that some apartment restrictions on pets that were instituted out of the blue have been held to be legally invalid, so maybe something like this would be too.
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All I keep thinking is:

I honestly think that's a load of bull-hooey. I understand, but kid sunder 16 being in by 9pm? When I was under 16, I was always outside(albiet in the country) after 9pm around my place.....it's so peaceful. I suppose if the kids were being peaceful, I don't see the need for the curfew.

I think they need to rather create stricter punishment & stricter rules for "loitering". I forsee some serious troubles going on enforcing that....
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I know a case where a CITY cerfew ended with a HONOR student getting detained for stopping in a OPEN park .... Lets just say it cost the city a lot of $$$ to settle and a PUBLIC APPOLOGY.... so I would say the complex is likely in for it
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Meh. It's crazy. ^^^ to what everyone here has said regarding why it was enacted. I think it was definitely to combat specific teens. :censor::censor::censor: are they going to do about teens that aren't in their building? Kick them off the property? That seems like the only thing they could do.
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