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Can your Kitty love you to death???

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OK Guys I need some help. about a month ago. I adopted my Isabella from the local humane society. She is 2 years old, the sweetest most snuggly kitty you ever want to meet and she tugged ay my heartstrings as her former owner had passed away. Not to mention that my other kitty (7 year old male) took to her in about a week and adores her! Here is the problem. She wants to be where I am from the moment I enter the house until the moment I leave. Sounds sweet right? Except I am positive tht one day you will find me at the bottom of the stairs with my neck broken from tripping over her! I can not tell you how many times I have accidentally kicked her or tripped over her because she is under my feet. Adn when I go up and down stairs, she goes exactly my pace. if I go up 2 steps, she goes up 2 steps and stops. I love her to pieces and don't want to lose my temper but yesterday I almost tripped over her with a basket of laundry and came close to losing my cool. What can I do? Any advice would be appreciated!
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Have eyes in the back of your head?

I've always said Rosie will be the death of me because when i come downstairs she'll come running down with me, but usually at the 2nd stair from the bottom she jumps across in front of me and lands on the floor that way and i've nearly went the distance many times so now my eyes are everywhere!.

I'm sure it's like a game to them
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She's two years old, old enough for a nice talk with her mother. Do you tell her that you love her to pieces, but, she is putting herself and you in harms way? Everytime she does it, you'll have to stop, tell her not to do that, and when she starts to listen you'll reward her with a brushing, treat, etc.
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This is what my PHX does to me. Every single time I go anywhere in the house, he goes with! I know now that he will always be 2 steps up from me, so I keep my eyes open! Just be careful!
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Can you carry a small water bottle, or something that makes a noise she doesn't like?
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I have to just be careful with mine. Now, I don't have one that shadows me that closely *all* of the time, but I do have one that shadows me most of the time, another that shadows me when Noel doesn't, and then the two kittens who just jump across my path or lie down behind my feet the rest of the time... so Im' forever stepping softly, and testing each step.
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One of my cats will sometimes get underfoot when I'm running to catch the phone or get to the bathroom and he'll inadvertently get kicked. You'd think he'd learn to get out of the way!
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I can only suggest to be careful, and maybe when you are doing specific chores like bringing up or taking down the laundry, find her first and put her in a room until you are done so you are both safe.

My sister's dog, who is much bigger than a cat, actually does the same thing (and trust, me, I doubt it's any safer or easier!) The stairs in her new house are much narrower than most stairs, so that contributes even more to the problem, however sometimes Jinx has a habit of thinking it's "play time" and will try to bite at your feet as you are walking down the stairs! Talk about annoying!

Also, it sounds like the poor thing is concerned that you "might not be there one day" like her late previous owner. It's only been a month; maybe she'll become less clingy after the settles down and fully becomes comfortable in her new situation.

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They eventually learn. With mine, it's gotten slightly better over two years, but they seem to think getting kicked HARD isn't a big deal and like to run under mommy's feet while she's running/going downstairs/etc.
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Get better over time? I wish I knew when that was going to be Cindy is 6, and still weaves back and forth in front of me on stairs -- it's postively hair-raising sometimes, but it's also very flattering and I am NOT immune to flattery, especially from a kitty. She also precedes me across the back yard, dropping for scritches on each paving stone -- I call her my Toll Cat. My best advice is just be very aware of where Isabella is, and very careful where you step.
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That is really sweet she is doing well. Just put her up or block her off somehow if you know you are going to be in a situation where you will get hurt when she gets under your feet?
I have this problem, my animals follow me around the house, one of them weighs 90 plus pounds, lol! I just watch out for them, I don't want to hurt them accidently. For the most part, we watch out for each other and are forgiving to each other. The cat gets stepped on a lot by the dogs sometimes when they cluster up down the hall, she doesn't seem to care.
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