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Monday DT

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Had hubby's Christams Party on saturday night and had a blast. But......I ended up drinking a few too many. I guess the problem is that I don't drink usually. Anyways, I had a couple of Smirnoff Ice, a few shooters and that's it. (okay....that WAS too much)

I have never been this sick in my life! It actually started right there at the party. And then, at home, I was sick approx. every 20 minutes unitl about 9:00am on sunday and then...it went to every few hours.

Today, monday morning, I am still sick! I am surprised I made it to work! I really don't understand. Why is it taking so long????? And is there anything I can take? I am nibbling on crackers today.

It's going to be a long, long time before I touch another drink. I normally have a few about 3 times a year.

Hope everyone had a great week-end and hope you all have a great day.

Myself...my goal for today will be to stay away from the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL: I can only laugh about this.

Hubby is not talking to me. He's upset I allowed myself to get sick. Like it was in my control! The only thing I had control of was to drink...or not. I am paying the price for it. Trust me.
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Uhhh, as far as I know, there is really nothing you can do to make yourself feel better, other than when you have any other upset stomach or a headach.

Eat plain crackers, like saltines, drink clear carbinated soda like 7 up or sprite, even better gingerale, to help settle your stomach. And then take some pain meds, by tomorrow you should be fine again... sometimes it last 2 days though, depending on how much you drank.

I don't drink very often, when I do... I don't know my limit, I come from a long line of alcoholics... I say, as soon as I start to "feel" anything, I stop, wait about an hour... if it's all gone, I might have one more small drink, but that's it for the night.
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Ghys - so sorry your party was spoilt. Sometimes, if you've not eaten or feeling a little under the weather drinking can really catch you unawares. I find that, especially at parties when you're hardly aware people are topping up your drinks you loose track of how much you've had.

Take something like Andrews (if you have that) to settle your stomach. And eat dry things only. In small amounts - much like you're doing already.

I hope you didn't barf on your lovely extensions . . . . (sorry couldn't resist that)!

Get better soon girl!
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Ahhh.... The Christmas party....

I gave new meaning to the word sh*t faced!
I had a few TOOOO many Margarita's....

My tummy is still weezzzy!!!

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:LOL: Yoal...too funny. Nope, I had time to discard my extensions when I got home. And while I was at the party. I was very careful with them. I do have to untangle them though because I just yanked them off and thrwe them on the counter.

Angelz00, you are a wise woman! Part of my problem was that everyone kept sending drinks over. I remember having 3 in front of me at one time. Gave two of them away.

I also hardly touched my supper so that may have not helped my case too much.

I think I will stick to Diet Coke from now on.

Saltines and gingerale it is for today.

Thanks guys!

Lheeza, I sooooo glad to hear I am not alone in this!
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LOL. I may say wise things, but I don't always follow them myself *go figure* :tounge2:

This is only a recent developement too, where I have told myself to when to automatically just stop drinking, unfortunatly I have had a few sick days.

I never really had any 'hang overs' me and one of my brothers have been lucky that way. But when I was younger and drank FAR to much for anyone my size, were talking getting closer to alcohol posioning. I would be soo sick (pukey) and tell myself "I'll never drink again!"
Har Har.
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Eeeks Ghys!! Hope you feel better soon.. and if I were you, I'd have called in sick!! "Sorry boss, I must have come down with some kind of 48 hour virus" :goodbad:

Well today, has been... ugh... I'm starting to dislike my job more and more and am getting desperate to start up something by myself.... ah well..

This morning started off particularly well, not!! First of all, hubby is at home sick (flu) so he was wanting a hot drink etc etc this morning... I got up early to take the dogs out to the toilet to find they'd already done it in the kitchen , but I thought I'd take them out anyway, so, all dressed for work, nice clean uniform, into the garden I went with one of the pups... to cut a long story short, he pulled, I tripped and fell in a pile of mud... also landing with my hand in a pile of cat "doo" anyway, I get back up and pup has to check I'm ok, so jumps all over me with muddy paws... great... AND whilst falling over, I twisted my knee which is now black (was previously purple earlier) and swollen... so, I'm hobbling around too... Ah well.. I can but laugh I guess.. HMMMMMMMMM :laughing:

Benn busy at work today which is better than being quiet, but colleagues are driving me nuts.... still only three quaters of an hour till I can go home!!

I sincerely hope everyone is having a better day than me!!!
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Ew. Bod you've certainly had a crap day (in more than one way)!!

You have to wear a UNIFORM? For reception work? That's inhuman.

What sort of thing would you start up on your own. Let me guess, an animal resuce? I was talking with a friend who has recently left CP and she was saying she'd love to do that. I'd love to do it with her, but need to focus on getting this business up and running.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow.
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Thanks Yola, and I'd like to start up an Interior Design business, or do something creative, for example I love creating slide shows and flyers and stationary etc etc etc on Powerpoint.... ehhh I WANNA DO IT!!! *stomps foot*
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Sooo, y'know.... if anyone out there wants some personalised stationary..... just gimme a yell..... free of charge.... :laughing:
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Quiet day, today. Been watching the wrestling match, on my patio. Ike and Pearl are getting along, famously. Still, no thawing on the part of the cats.

Called Mom and gave her the news about the twins. Her response was, "Oh, my Lord!" The family WAS overdue, for a set. Mom's a twin, she didn't have any and none of my brothers nor I had any.

I found three Christmas ornaments, on the floor this morning. The orange spray and balloons don't seem to be working. Bill said that he ran both cats out of the tree, this morning. At least, noone has unwrapped any gifts, yet.

We got all of our outside lights hooked up, yesterday. It looks good. I hope that the pix turn out.

For all you hungover people: Bloody Marys work wonders, heavy on the Tabasco.
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Uhhhh Cindy, isn't there alcohol in a Bloody Mary? I'm not sure I could stomach that. Or anything else with alcohol.

Bod....I thought I was having a bad day. Wow.....you win!!!! Hope it gets better. But, that really is a funny story! Thanks for the laugh and the visual!
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Bloody Mary........ ahhh... no more liquor!!!

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Believe it or not, the alcohol in the BM DOES take the edge off of the hangover. The vitamin C, in the tomato juice helps, too.
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Busy, busy day at work. I haven't been able to see much more than the top 10 threads in the Lounge, and haven't really checked the others. I'm up to my eyeballs with specifications (I work for an engineering firm), and my supervisor has one of those bugs up her rear end to get on me about everything and everything. Friday it was no big deal if I didn't get the Christmas tree and decorations up ASAP because I have all these specs to do. She said that as long as it's up by Friday it's no big deal. Monday morning - "What's your schedule? Do I need to have someone else put up the tree? I want it up today!" OK, fine, I'll drop the work I have that we will get PAID FOR so we can have a stupid tree up in the lobby. Yup, that's much more important.
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