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Just got a kitten last night, still hasn't gone to the bathroom

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Hey all,

My girlfriend called me around 6pm EST yesterday and told me that her friend got us a kitten. So around 8pm she came here with her and I got everything all setup. Had to procrasinate a little, picked up some kitten food and a couple toys at the store. She's only about 8 weeks or so old but she has been eating and drinking every couple hours all night. Her mom had apparentley left her kittens as my gf's friend found them together in the woods within the past week. The only thing I'm worried about with her is that she hasn't gone to the bathroom yet and it's been at minimum 12 hours. I've been trying everything to get her to go, I've put her in it about 10 times and used her paw to scratch the kittie litter. It's up against the wall in the hallway (1 bedroom condo) just out of sight from her water/food. I even baricaded her in the hallway for about 2 hours and have been going outside ect. to give her some privacy but still she hasn't gone. I just moved the litterbox to the corner of the living room right next to me where she just snuggled up and shut her eyes next to. How long before she goes should I start to worry? I'm going to be going to bed in an hour or so and will shut my bedroom door and hope she goes...

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Nick is she eating and drinking ok at your house?. Have you felt about the room just incase she's doing it anywhere else?. If theres nothing then yes i would take her to a vet.

When you bring a new kitten home it's best to get them to the vet for a good checkup anyway.

Let us know how it goes though.
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She's been eating a lot and been drinking a lot also here. I've been checking every corner she's been in and no sign at all. 13 hours now and she's sleeping. She seems very strong and healthy though...
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Hmmmmmm, 13 hours is a long time to go without emptying her bladder

Don't just check in the corners, go around with the palm of your hand if you can. I remember when i first brought Rosie home, because she didn't know the surroundings she didn't know where the litterbox was so she peed on the door mat, so they can do it anywhere really.
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Can you lock her up in the bathroom for a few hours with the litter pan?

What kind of litter did you get? If she's been outside, and you've gotten the clay litter - try some of the more sand/soft clumping litter.

How deep is the pan? If too deep the kitten may not be able to climb up and over it in time.

Try rubbing her belly/back end a little with a warm cotton ball. And make an appointment with the vet. There's a chance this kitten is younger then 8 weeks old.
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Yay she finally went!!! Went out to smoke another butt and cameback in and there was a puddle on the kitchen floor. I think she was just really nervous, she's been at 3 different homes the past couple days. I just found out that it was actually yesterday that she was found with her brother. She's had a bunch of energy and finally she got sleepie after about 9 hours or so of being really rambuctious. My girlfriend said she was purring when she was laying on the floor with her at her friends house. She's pretty strong on her feet but when she jumped off the chair earlier she kind of rolled when she landed but instantly was back up. She's been very talkative the whole time, guess she's had a lot to say!
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Her kittie litter is just a temporary one, I'll get her whatever I get my cat back at my parents house. When we got him 8 or 9 years ago I remember him having kittie litter problems until we got this kind. The box is also a temporary box, It's a cardboard box about 2.5-3" high with a trashbag liner. There isn't much kittie litter in there, my girlfriend had just grabbed a little from her house. I'll have to pick some up tomorrow night when she gets back from work, both my cars are unavailible to me (Was hit by a drunk driver in one and a deer in the other, can't get a rent a car because I'm only 21 )
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Originally Posted by Hutch View Post
she's been at 3 different homes the past couple days. I just found out that it was actually yesterday that she was found with her brother.
Oh the poor baby 3 different homes Thank goodness she's been though!!

Who has her brother?
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Awwww poor little thing!! Sounds as though she was just stressed, and maybe didn't like the crinkly plastic bag in the litter box.

I daresay as soon as you get a proper litter box and more litter she'll be much more comfortable using it

Good luck with her!
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My girlfriends friend kept her brother. I just woke her up when I woke up a minute ago and she was crying at me. I put her in the litterbox again and she knew exactly what to do! She was sniffing around it this time and scratching the litter instead of instantly climbing out. Went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and she left me a couple presents in there! I had moved the litterbox last night to the spot on the floor where she had peed.

I think she may actually be younger than 8 weeks, her eyes are a greyish color.
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Bless her that's great that she's been again The more i read it does sound like she is younger?.

Are you taking her for a checkup at the vets because they should be able to tell you an approx age?.

You should take some pics of her and put her up in fur pics
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I'll try to get some pics in a little while, gotta charge the batteries for my digital camera. We're gonna take her to the vet either thursday or friday. She finally peed in the litter box a couple minutes ago all by herself. She never went on the carpet luckily, once on the kitchen linoleum floor and once on a towel that I had for a little bed for her (which she never went in except for once to pee in!)
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If you don't mind a few suggestions, when you go to the vet, I suggest:

age appropriate vaccinations, you'll need boosters & some cannot be done yet
book a spay appt.
test for Feline Leukemia(FeLV) & Feline Immuno Deficieny Virus(FIV)
Deworm her
Treat her for fleas/ticks

I'm glad you finally got her to go to the bathroom, the stress of moving to a new place can wreak havoc on a baby kitten.
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We're both a little strapped for cash right now so we're going to have to go with only the neccessitys unless we can work out a payment plan with the Vet.
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That's great that she's been again I'm so pleased your going to take her to a vet because a lot will do payment plans

Looking forward to seeing your little cherub
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