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Ha ha ha PFFFT on the evil landlord

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So I have been asking for..well since december for our CRP for the year he is required by LAW to have it to us by feb 15th essentially one assumes they will file their CRP refund with their tax refund. well its now end of June and shock shock we dont have ours yet. I have sent several letters via registered mail requesting, and left voice mails, documented each occurance. Fine. He wants to be a i can play that too.

So I filed with the county, which they suggest doing if you dont get your thing. He could get fined up to $700 for not providing the paper. Than the county gave me the parcel number i needed to file and gave me the afadavit thing. so Ha on thelandlord i hope he gets fined the full amount.

Were gettin 1,400 bucks back or i wouldnt have been so concerned... and were moving with that LOL
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What's a CRP??? I remember you mentioned the the landlord is some piece of work-have you found a new place yet???
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bureaucracy ... it will kill us all someday
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Its a Renter's Credit - we got it when renting the farm we lived at before moving and buying a house
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yup its a renters refund like some property owners get tax refunds...

we know when we can move. Its just a case of the money hitting the bank we looked at one place the other day LOVED IT and they make take a check and hold it so we shall see.
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With ours, if you file yourself you just need to keep your cancelled cheques or proof of payment if they ask for them, if you file through an accountant they will usually want to see the cheques or the statement from the landlord but is an either situation, they don't have to give us a statement unless we request one.
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yeah here they Do have to give us the statement its required by law. so hes gonna get a fine. actually hes gonna get two, I filed for our 2005 ones too, both have been accepted as of today I sent them a statement and copys of my checks. so :P on the stinky land lord. Makes no sense either, he gave the CRP to the lady downstairs. but not us.
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