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My Sister...

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called me a few nights ago. She was very upset because she had acidentally trapped a cat in her garage while she was unloading groceries.
She closed the garage door and then the other door leading into the kitchen.
Later, she started to hear strange meowing and scratching. Since she is not much of a cat lover, she got scared and called me asking me what to do.
I said I'd go and help and I thought that it was a very agressive cat. I took some of my cat food to try and pry him out. She couldn't open the door to go back into the garage because that is the one he was scratching and feard that if she opened it he would go inside the house or scratch her.
When I finally arrived and told her, let me see and open the door.
This cute medium sized black kitty just "told" me "meow", came over to me and did a little rolling on the floor. He let me pet him and then rubbed against my leg. Turns out it wasn't the agressive cat I thought it was.
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I shouldn't laugh, but I think it's hilarious when people are afraid of cats. I know, I know, I have many illogical fears myself (spiders, anyone?) so I shouldn't judge...

So what are you going to do with the lovely black cat? Is there a new family member in your future?
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I used to be afraid of cats. Because cats always attacked me. I lived by the dont mess with me I wont mess with you rule. But my exes cats didnt like that rule and spent our whole marriage trying to kill me. Literally! I have scars all over my legs and some on my arms, chest and stomach from his cats. Only one cat was nice to me. Now look at me. I have 2 foster cats and 10 foster kittens. LOL
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the cat stayed outside her house. It was probably a stray cat.
Funny thing is that she had come over to my house and I had received some pictures of my Beloved Sassy that day and I was showing them to her. I know that she teases me but at every very cute pic of Sassy she'd go "Oh God", then "Oh, Look at that" but like she was annoyed.
She then went home and this happened. My niece then told her, see, that is because you were making fun of Sassy and Angie's other cats, Tabby, Chachi, Mixy and Tom.
She also had a "thing" with my first beloved Tabby. She'd call her names like, oh she is just lazy, and "where is the gamuza (it is a washcloth for washing cars). Then all of a sudden, she'd come by and bring her a "pearl" necklace. Another time she brought her a big cardboard box that was shaped like a doll house so that she'd go in there during the day. Tabby just sniffed the box and walked out!
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