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My 2 and a half year old cat sometimes sleeps so soundly that I think he is dead. He is cold and limp and I panic at first, but then he comes around. He is very strong and healthy, and very trusting and laid back, but he's literally "out cold". Of course, the vet said to bring him in for a bunch of tests, but she also said she'd never heard of this before except in older, and maybe sick, cats. Has anyone else experienced this and should I be concerned that he has a health problem?
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One of my cats used to do that - he was so soundly asleep he was immovable. He also used to get very cold and I couldn't wake him.

There is nothing wrong with him - he has always been a heavy sleeper, I'm not sure if it's because he feels so safe and secure he is able to go into a deep sleep?

If all your cats test have come back negative then I wouldn't worry unduly unless he is also displaying other unusual charcteristics.
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I'm moving this to the Health forum, I think you'll get more suggestions from the health experts over there.
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I've had one or 2 cats who have done this same thing. I never thought much of it.
If you've ever owned ferrets, they do this same thing all the time, it's the dead ferret sleep, you can pick them up, talk to them, pet them, shake them around a little bit (LOL). And they STILL don't wake up, so your like "OMG are you dead, are you ok!!" And then they peek open one little eye and you... and give a yawn.

I love ferrets.
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I sometimes have to poke Alf to make sure he isn't dead!

I'm LOLing at the thought of shaking a ferret to see if it will wake up!
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I understand. It's really frightening and you just want to jumpstart them.

Thanks, everyone, for your info. This last time, I just massaged him and he slowly came around, but I didn't think he was going to at all and was sure he was dead. That was last Thursday, and my vet said to check his gums to make sure they were pink showing that he had good circulation, and now every night I try to check his gums when he's sleeping and it not only wakes him right up but he gives me that look like "are you insane"! I guess I'll just leave him be!
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If he is acting normally during the day, I wouldn't be that concerned about him. If he is playing, and eating and drinking and using the litter pan, then it could be that he is just a deep sleeper and when they sleep that deeply their respirations slow, as does their blood flow, causing their body to slow down as well and not maintain the heat they need when they are active.

Is he lethargic after you wake him up? Show any signs of pain, hissing? trying to bite you etc?

You can also try putting him into a covered carrier to sleep, so he remains warmer if you are that concerned. Just leave the door propped open and cover the carrier with a thick blanket, leaving a little space to breathe. Another option is a heated cat bed- here is a link to a company who manufactures wonderful beds.

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