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Sisal scratch pad?

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I just bought one of these http://www.pets2home.co.uk/item--Cat...m--596666.html

Do you guys have of these flat scratching pads, and do they work? If i see Chuckie go for the couch i discourage him, but when dad does it he yells and stamps on the floor and makes a huge noise, which scares him. I wanted to use this so that dad will stop being a pr*ck. I don't care too much about the furniture, more about my cats wellbeing. Atm i've leant it up against the couch where he would normally scratch, and showed it to him, but i dont know yet if he will be interested. And as i still dont know if Charlie haqs the catnip gene, should i invest in a spray to attract him to the sisal?

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I got a turbo scratcher for my cat who had decided she liked horizontal scratching and was clawing at the carpet. It's the same idea only it has a replaceable cardbord insert for the cat to claw at. She took right to it and quit clawing at the carpet.
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I have a flat sisal scratcher hanging on a doorknob here it is well liked by both the clawed and declawed kitties, except Spaz, she prefers a cardboard box.
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I have two or three flat sisal scratchers that originally hung on doorknobs, but my crew won't use them unless they are flat on the floor.

When Penny moved in, she started to scratch at the wall-to-wall lousy industrial carpet that I hate but don't own, and I quickly stuffed a flat scratcher under her paws as she was doing it, and now she goes directly to the scratcher to do her thing. She made me so proud!
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we make our own our kitties LOVE them
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