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Quit using litter box!

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Two wks ago I dog sat for a small dog. My female cat was petrified of the dog and spent the week on the porch. She quit using her litter box upon the dogs arrival. I have found her stools in different places on the porch. I can't see or smell any evidence of urine. Is there anything I can do to get her to use the litterbox again?
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She has and is been extremely upset and traumatized from this invasion of her home. It is an absolute necessity when this type of interaction happens to protect the dominant, territorial presence of your kitty. Because this was most likely disregarded by the doggy and you didn't see this at the time, she is traumatized and acting out by personally offending her living space as well as yours......Is she indoor/outdoor? You need to reassure her that the doggy is no longer there. If she does have access to the home, carry her around in each room,talk to her, tell her the dog is not there any more. She needs reassurance and acknowledgment from you that she is the dominant animal and that the dog is not going to pop out from around the corner and chase her.
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i also recommend the Cat Attract brand of litter for retraining purposes. it really works!
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I'm assuming the dog is now gone. Can you lock her up in one room and keep her there with food/water and litter pan till she uses it again?

And maybe do a good cleaning in every room the dog was in - clean carpet, floors, furniture so that the dog smell is gone.

At least you know that you can't bring in a dog for dog sitting - will have to go to the person's house!
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Thank you for your suggestions. Where can I find the cat attract litter?
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my local Petsmart carries it. i called Petco & Petsmart before driving out there, 'cause it's about a 40 minute roundtrip. if you can't find it locally, it's available online. there's also an additive you can add to your current litter, but my stores didn't have that, or i'd've gotten that, since i had plenty of litter already. just type in 'cat attract litter' in a search engine & you'll find some online sources!
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