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Bird... diseases?

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So my INDOOR ONLY kitty made a little hole in my screen a little bigger and somehow reached out and grabbed a bird and left it for dead on my floor
so my question is, she is almost a year overdue on her shots (rabies and distemper)...do u think she could have gotten something from this bird? she has a vet appt in less than a week so i will find out then, but i just hope she's ok. i'm sure she is. i just worry about my baby...
but i do think it was funny for her to get this bird and she never goes outside, ha... oh my baby...
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doubtful, not rabies or distemper anyways. maybe worms but only if she had eaten it, and worms is not a panic situation. Vaccines are not a necessity to give every single year. In fact I have seen a lot of animals in danger from over vaccinating. I only vaccinate cats once or twice and then never again. One dose of vaccines can last YEARS. It doesn't even make sense to revaccinate every single year, people don't get vaccines every single year do they? Better to have your vet do a titer test to see if the cat even needs to be vaccinated again and only revaccinate if the test shows there is none of the vaccine still in their systems.
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