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I don't think he's going to make it:(

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I tried syringe feeding him, and he wants nothing to do with it. I syringed him 0.4cc, and got about 0.3cc's of it on me. he refused to suck, so I just put a drop on the end of the syringe and put it on his tongue, but he won't swallow.
The mother is now starting to push him away from the other two.
If he won't nurse, and he won't take the KMR, I don't think there's anything else I can do. I'm so disappointed right now. He was my favorite one too. He's getting skinnier and skinnier.
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Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. I was told to put some karo syrup on their gums as well as trying to get some Pedialyte in them if you can. Be sure and keep him as warm as possible too, get him on a heating pad or in with some hot water bottles.
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I agree with the karo syrup. I also made a mixture of water, sugar and salt and used that instead of pedialite (I couldn't find the unflavored). I also got some Nutri-cal from the pet store (It's a high calorie gel). My little one who was limp in my arms, barely breathing just attacked my foot and is now 10 weeks old!
Good luck. Prayers for your little one!
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Oh I'm so sorry, Bless him
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I've never heard of nutri-cal before. I'm not sure if they sell it around here or not
Right now he's still in with mom. He doesn't seem to be cold and I'm reluctant to take him out because I keep hoping that he'll start nursing again.
I don't have a heat pad, but will a heat lamp work?
Also, whats this syrup stuff and where do I get it?
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Karo syrup you get that at a food store! Some people use it in things they cook.....
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Try a heated rice sock...take a long sock, fill it with plain white rice, tie it at one end, and then stick it in the microwave and heat it until it's warm. Lay it next to the kitten, and it should hopefully warm him up enough that he'll have an appetite.

I would also recommend trying to force the fluids again. The Karo syrup idea is a great one, and can stimulate the sucking reflex. Try a dropper if you have one, and alternate Pedialyte with water, then the KMR.

Can this little one see a vet in the next couple of hours? Perhaps they can tube feed him...this is fairly common, and they'll show you how to do it at home.
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Oh, Karo Syrup is just a sweet, yellowish syrup used in can get it in most grocery stores, in the baking aisle, either next to the pancake syrups, or buy the cooking oils. Just rub some on the roof of his mouth, and hopefully that will help him to suck.
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Ok. Thanks alot. I'm going to give the vets a call in the morning and see if there is anything they can do for him. I can't get him to a vet before morning since I have no means of transportation. He suckled from mom for another minute or so, but that was about it.
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I gave my little girl apple flavored pedilyte, she loved it. I also tried grape when she was really dehydrated, she drank that too, Lucky plumped up in about an hour after I gave her the pedilyte
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Well, I tried feeding him again, and it was pointless. He just won't eat. He screams and squirms like crazy, but he just doesn't have an appetite for some reason. I just don't understand.
I'm feeling so frusterated. I could understand if it was a big litter, but there are only three. There shouldn't be a problem with them nursing should there?
I don't think there's much more I can do until tomorrow.
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Sorry , no experience with this, but just wanted to offer feeding vibes & healing vibes
Keeping our fingers crossed as well
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Well, he's still alive this morning and is snuggled in with the other ones. His belly looks like he's been eating a little so thats good (he'd have to be eating something during the night or he's be dead right??)
His skins starting to get a little loose, but I can't easily feel his ribs yet.
Last night be weighed 140 grams. I going to weigh him, and the other two in a few hours and see what the differences are.
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Good news. He was nursing just a few minutes ago. I had to sit there and give the mom treats so that she would keep nursing him, but at least he's getting food. He's sound asleep now with a full belly!
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Maybe he's stronger than u thought, I hope so
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That's great news! I hope he continues to do well!
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Yay! I'm happy to hear he's eating a little. That's all it takes to turn a dim outlook into a happy ending. Will keep the little one in our prayers.
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He may have just been chilled. A cold/chilled kitten won't eat, and that's why it's so important to keep them nice and toasty. Sometimes adding a bit of extra warmth is all that's needed to stimulate their appetites.

Well, it's good news that he's been nursing, and that momma's been allowing him to latch on! Please keep us updated, and remember, your vet is also just a phone call away. They can always try the tube feeding as a last resort!
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Bless his little heart, I'm so happy he's eating.
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How's the little one doing today?
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He's going great today! I weighed him this morning and was so shocked I had to weigh him again. He was 140 yesterday morning (and last night), then when I weighed him this morning, he was all the way up to 165grams!! His tummy is HUGE, lol.
Its very possible that he might have just been chilled and that's why. I'm not quite sure exactly what it was, but at least he's looking good!
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glad hes doing better!!
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That's so great. Glad he's doing so well.
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That's wonderful news.
I'm so glad he's putting on weight and doing better.
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That's wonderful, I'm glad he's doing so much better!
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I'm so happy to hear this!!! I thought about him right away this morning!
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He's gained another 5 grams in the last day!!
I have a feeling that he is going to be just fine! He's got his energy back and his appetite.
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Sounds like that little sweetheart is coming along really well and I'm so happy to hear it.
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