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My cat is so freaking weird

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Her latest weird thing is to climb into the bath when I'm on the toilet and leap against the shower curtain near where my leg is. She jumps with her front paws and half falls out of the tub and scared the heck out of me!!!

And she doesn't do it every time, so I never know if she's going in there to look for water to lick up, or if she's planning on jumping at me and scaring me.

Certainly makes you go fast....
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Which kitty?
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I'm betting it was Smudgie
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Oh are you kidding?? It can only be one cat in our household - psycho Stumpy!! She's the crazy one out of the 3.

Smudge is the uncoordinated one. For example I just heard her sneeze and I looked at her and realised she had her face in my glass of water. She obviously put her nose in too far and has just sneezed in my cup. Guess I'll be getting a fresh cup of water...
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that is hilarious!!!!
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that is just too funny

Reminds me of my household though, u better believe I cant go to the bathroom without at least 3 kitties venturing in then shower time with big bella, who insists on keeping my towels warm and gaurds the bathroom door, and then soon as I am out the paw comes up that she wants petting (Shes been around willie to much )
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God if i left the bathroom door open, Charlie would stay well away from the water!!
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OMG Sarah
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She's just making sure that you clear your bladder out quickly so that you can get on with the snuggling!
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That's very funny, but probably not to you when it is happening!
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That is so funny! Maybe you should open the curtain when you need time to sit!
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My second kitty used to that. We nicknamed him Super Gus! Mom's friend made him a cape one year
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Hehehe. I love how entertaining kitties are! I just had a beetle fly onto my laptop.... followed by two cats! Scared the *#^$ out of me!!
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