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Sulfodene For Hot Spots On Cats?

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I know it says Sulfodene for dogs....but has anyone used it for your cats' hotspots? I know if we can just keep them from scratching and biting at "those" spots long enough, they would heal up. However, there doesn't seem to be anything out there for cats - only dogs. I have used it on my dogs, and it worked great....but do you think it would be safe for cats? Actually, I'm asking this for my daughter. She called and asked me...and I didn't know what to tell I thought I'd get advice from the best bunch I could think of!!
Many, many thanks for any advice given. - Linda/17cats
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I'm not familiar with Sulfodene. I assume it's something topical? Their website says it's not suitable for cats.

Sometimes things that are OK for dogs are toxic for cats. Not always, but often enough to worry.

Even if it was safe, I think a cat would be licking and ingesting a lot of that stuff...probably removing it quicker than you can keep it on the cat.

If they're getting "hot spots" I would suspect fleas or a food allergy as 2 of the most likely causes. I think it's more of a priority to find the cause for the spots.

Pumpkin had one on the side of her face when her chest and leg were bandaged from an injury. It started to clear up about a week after the bandages were removed and was completely healed with new fur growing on it within a couple weeks. She left it alone once the irritating bandage was off of her body. She was constantly scratching at her face because she couldn't scratch what really itched. We didn't put anything on it.
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