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Tortie comparison thread!

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Alright, I must be crazy, but I have noticed through my life that most tortie cats I see/hear about seem to be smaller than the average cat.

Anyways, I want to see everyone's torties! List her(I assume they are all girls) name, age, approx. how much she weighs, a little bit about her(her character), and athing else you might want to say about her. Of course, you have to post a picture to!

I'll start:

Name: Bestia
Weight: 4 lbs
Age: 1 1/2 years old
Character: Extremely shy and hides from everyone but me. When she's not hiding she is up in a window watching the birds. She likes to play with younger cats(especially kittens), but she tends to be really rough with them. She is NOT a lap cat and will only tolerate being held for a matter of seconds before she freaks out. I have only been able to coax her into sleeping in my lap once in the 1 1/2 years I have had her.

Here she is:

Ok, so I went a wee overboard on the pics, lol.

Your turns! Don't be shy.
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My Two-Face is average I guess

Age: almost 7
Weighs: about 8 pounds.
Character: she's not like any other tortie I've read about. She is the most docile of my 14, loves attention but has NEVER bit or scratched us or the other cats. She loves cuddling with others.

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WEll, I don't know how to describe it...lol. If she looks like the cats in the pictures, feel free to post about her here. I won't hurt you if she isn't a tortie, lol.
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Haha, well let's see if she is! She isnt smaller than my other cat. She seems like a normal sized cat.

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That's a tortie alright! What a beauty! What's her name?
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Originally Posted by TortieBaby View Post
That's a tortie alright! What a beauty! What's her name?
Yay! Her name is Sweetpea.
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My baby Trout is 2 years old, weighs about 7 pounds. She has definate attitude..she will bite and scratch me without thinking twice. It is never to hurt me though. She loves to play fetch and have her belly rubbed. She is extremely shy when anyone comes over..she hides. Things must go HER way, or she will let me know about it.. She is a cuddlebug though, which I love about her She makes me melt with love

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Is it uncommon for a tortie to be longhaired?
Is it also common for them to be mean? LOL my tortie is super nice but she is shy, she would never bite anyone.
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Originally Posted by Roimata View Post
Is it uncommon for a tortie to be longhaired?
Is it also common for them to be mean? LOL my tortie is super nice but she is shy, she would never bite anyone.
Not really, I had one once. Miss Yoda, one of our RB kitties...

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I don't know if mean is the word..I would describe it as...always PMSing So Trout is very moody...but not necessarily mean
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Sorry I don't have pictures, but from the torties, calicos, patched tabbies I've owned, they all were normal size - none were under sized.

Most of the torties/calicos were cornish rex and were the proper size for the breed - 5-6 lbs. My biggest tortie (first breeding rex) was the size of males - so she was bigger then most - weighed 6-7 lbs in prime.

My patched tabby mixed breed was average - about 7-8 lbs from what I remember.

Torties are a color - not a breed, so there are just as many long as short hair - most mixed breeds tend to be shorthair as its the dominate gene.

As far as attitude - a lot of torties have "tortitude" - a bit flakey, quick to get upset, more mouthy and usually have to be "boss". I liked torties for breeding as you could get a variaty of colors from them, but I didn't like their attitude
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There are longhaired torties, but most cats in general are shorthair because those are the most common.

From what I've read, yes, it's common for torties to have a bit of an attitude, lol. Bestia doesn't know how to play nice, just rough. Whenever I try and "play" with her, she's end up hurting me, little bugger. Also, she has scratched and bit my hubby and my little sister-in-law(7 years old). I don't think she means to be mean, she's just scared of them and acts out of fear.

I've also noticed that many torties seem to get attached to just 1 person and around other people they are shy. Not always, but it doesn't seem that most are that way.
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It's so weird and cool to see cats that look just like mine Ive NEVER seen another cat that looks like mine.
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Well, Reyah is a Diluted Tortie and White. She is a sweetheart. She's very loving, but can have an attitude at times. I was told that she was around 1-3yrs old. She weighs about 7lbs. Here is a link to view her picture....
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Sneaky Pie is a Tortishell Tabby.

She should be little, she was only 5 lbs when we got her as a kitten.

However, she LOVES food and can be quite the pig. Right now she's 12-13 lbs, and she's chubby for her small body.

And I didn't know these guys could have "tortitude" as well. Because Sneaky sure has it! She still loves to play, she'll "hide" behind the sofa and then leap out at you. Her favorite game is "ball". If you take a small rubber ball (the little ones you find in the gumball machines at stores) and throw it, she will run all over after it
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Heres another of her, she doesnt like looking into the camera lol.

So shes definatley a tortie?
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Yup, definately a tortie!
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Yay cool
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I'm glad to see that this thread is getting so mane responses! As you guys can tell, I REALLY like torties! lol!

Although, not to be prejudice against my own kitties, but my personal favorite type of tortie is the dilute tortie. I just think they are SOOOOO beautiful. When Bestia once had kittens(long story) she had 3 and one of them was a dilute tortie. I wanted to keep her, but hubby wouldn't let me have any more kittes(SO not fair!). Anyways, for the heck of it, here's a pic of her. Her name was Skitzo(it was a very fitting name, lol):

Here's another picture of her snuggling with daddy(at least, I think he's the daddy, either way, he took up the role very well):

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I have 3...Paisley, Pixel, and Precious. They are littermates. They each have their own very distinct personality.

Name: Paisley
Weight: no LOL...OK 11lbs
Age: 13 months
Character: Likes to state her opinion on everything. She's a cuddler with both people and cats. Prefers to be held while being petted. Very food motivated. Her favorite hobbies are annoying Momma, eating, fetching her orange mouse, and stealing food from her siblings.

Here's her pic:

Name: Pixel
Weight: 7.7lbs
Age: 13 months
Character: Very outspoken, has true tortitude. A people kitty, very devoted to her humans. Doesn't submit to any of the cats, very gutsy. Very energetic, still climbs the curtains on occasion.

Here's Pixel

Name: Precious
Weight: 6.8lbs
Age: 13 months
Character: Very shy kitty but does know how to ask for what she wants. She belongs to Junior, her surrogate Mr. Mom. She's the smallest cat here but she'll whack the biggest one in the head if they bother her.

Here's Precious:

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Daphne is a Tortoiseshell (Tortie) with white. She is going on 5 months old so unsure what her adult behavior will be. She is loving, curious, teaching me to play fetch ... in short, she is awesome
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Isis is a very dark tortie. She looks almost black, but if you see her in person ( a very rare sight indeed) she is black, brown and white. Just very dark.
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She picked me out at the shelter when she was about 8 weeks old, and she's just turned 2.

She is a bony 9 pounds, she has some Maine Coon genes based on her looks, her long body & tail, and her coat of many lengths/many colors.

She is Alpha, but very quiet. NOT shy - she investigates EVERYTHING. She loves her meowmy deeply and shows it by sleeping on my bed and giving me kisses every morning. She is bold and friendly toward strangers, but won't be cuddled, and doesn't allow much touching.

She prefers to play alone or with me, and every once in a while, reverts for a few minutes back to the tiny, playful baby kitten she was when I first adopted her.

She is camera shy, but here are a couple of pics that show off her markings (stolen from my own thread in Fur Pics. )

Here she is, posing pretty for her meowmy - she is such a little sweetheart when she isn't being a cranky tortie!

And this one shows some of her orange tabby markings that caused me to fall so hard for her - to me she is beautiful like a kaleidoscope - her pattern seems almost to be ever changing - but her orange mask remains.

She was watching Ferris play, alert and ready in case there was an opening to pounce on him:

And this is where she takes her naps when I'm home, and where she sleeps near me all night long at the foot of my bed:

There was some nice light coming through the window this afternoon:

And this is one of her favorite sleeping positions. She slept like the the very first night I brought her home from the shelter, and she still sleeps like this when she's really comfy and out light a light:

Makes me want to rub her belly!

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Jugan - from your picture you have a bluecream - the dilute version of the tortie
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I am trying to learn the photobucket thing real quick so I can post my torties!!!
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Don't worry, this thread will be here for awhile, take your time. If you need any help, let us know.
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OK, let's try this!

This is Tiki. She is 2 years old. She weighs about 11 lbs. She is very full of tortitude. Only likes to be handled when SHE wants to. Doesn't like to be held, but will sleep in your lap. When I walk past her sometimes she will just stick out a paw and scratch me.

This is Molly (RB). She was a great cat. She was indoor/outdoor and could never be tamed. She was a mouser. Always left surprises on the front porch. Oh, she also had six toes on each foot!! Only cat I have ever seen like that. I miss you, Molly!!
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In that first picture Tiki looks like she's found another victim to scratch, lol!

I'm sorry for your loss of Molly.
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Thanks. Tiki was probably watching Reggae play with a toy. He seems to be in charge. She just kind of hangs back and watches him.
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Spaz is 13 years old, and weighs 6.5 pounds, a bit on the small side for her breed.
She is very loving towards everyone, even visitors, very outgoing.
She dislikes kids, but she simply hides whenever there are any around, she'd never dream of hurting a human on purpose.

Photobuckuet is having issues for me, but her pic is in my sig.
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