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Gosh! What's she saying?

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Chynna is trying to tell me something....but I'm not sure that I understand her....any helpers?

Chynna: "Mew!"
Me: *reaches down to scratch ears. Goes back to typing*
Chynna: "Mew?"
Me: *Reaches down to rub chin*
Me: "Such a gorgeous girl!"
Chynna: "Purrr"
Me: *Goes back to typing*
Chynna: *jumps up on computer desk shelf* "Meow!"
Me: *Gives more chin scratches and goes back to typing*
Chynna: *taps my leg* "Meow! Meow!"
Me: *Relents and goes to pick her up*
Chynna: *Jumps down and runs to food dish* "Meow! Meow! Meow!"
Me: *Keeps typing*
Chynna: *Returns. Sits on floor looking at me* "Meow?"
Me: "What?" *Keeps typing*
Chynna: *jumps back onto shelf. Taps my leg more forcefully* "MEOW! MEOW!"
Me: "Ok! Ok! I'll pick you up and give you cuddles" *goes to pick up Chynna*
Chynna: *Jumps down from shelf and runs to food dish* "MERRROW!"
Me: *keeps typing*

I wish cats could talk because I can't quite make out what she's trying to tell me

*Goes off to feed my poor starving cats*
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Thats too funny!
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No need for video with that, Linda. Great story!
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That is funny! No video needed just as someone posted above.
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cute, story, remind me of coming home in the morning,
i can run to the bathroom, turn on the TV, throw stuff down staris to wash later, and here both of them will still be sitting next to there wet food dish.

after they eat we play a little then i go to play ont he computer, and both cats keep taking turns jumping up and laying on the kb or crawling all over me. gee how am i supposed to save the world from the evil alien attack with cats laying down on the keyboard, heeh
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Sounds like you figured it out!
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I can relate... man, can I ever...

That's exactly what happens with me and JoJo... I'm editing the book and my laptop/it's table/my stool are low to the ground... so she has it in her mind that EVERY time I sit over there, I need her assistance... nope... sawwy, cat.

You'd think it's food... but I know the dry food is there, litterboxes are cleaned, and water in the bowls... but she sits there and MEOW! Oy, cat. Go away, I'm trying to do something to make more money to buy you good food... go away. MEOW! You already weigh too much... you need to LOSE weight. Not gooshy-food time, go away!

If I ignore her long enough (far too long to listen to those meows), then she goes to sulk in her chair... if i talk, she comes back over... like she thinks I'm talking to her (what? I'm a writer, I'm allowed to be crazy)

It's always fun trying to figure out what they want.

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Obviously, Timmy has fallen into the well again! (Old Lassie TV reference. )
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lucky she didn't start chewing on you! Poor starving baby!
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