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Portfolio advice

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I'm working on a portfolio to take to job interviews and I thought I'd see if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Basically I'm looking for clerical/administrative assistant work. I've made a few spreadsheets and things on my last job that I'm quite proud of, so I thought I'd print them to let potential employers see what I can do.

The ones I've printed so far are done in Excel. I also printed the formulas and things. (I had to remove all the confidential information though.) My thought right now is though, that you can't see that I put in some data validation requirements and things like that. I'd like to possibly create something highlighting the different things like that in there, but I'm afraid it would be too much? Right now I have the printouts in nice sheet protectors and I'm going to buy a small black 3 ring binder. I also wish I could get my one spreadsheet set so it is a pull out, since it's 3 pages wide. Maybe I can go to staples or something for that and get it laminated then fold it?
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Have you thought about burning your portfolio to a CD? Then that way you don't have to worry about all the print outs. You can password protect everything in excel and such to allow them to only read the information or to hide any formulas.

That was one recommendation that I was given in college.
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Yes, CD or even put it up on a website you can direct the employer to...
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Yes, CD or even put it up on a website you can direct the employer to...
but unless it is a specialised admin position you are going for, many won't even look at it. When I first moved here I spent weeks on mine, the only thing they ever asked for were references that they didn't check anyway
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I may put it up on a CD. They seem to be pretty scrutinizing so far with a couple positions. I'll maybe reserve the CD for jobs like that and still take the book for others I think.
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Yes, CDs cost a lot less then the actual binders and paper and ink that you need to put together.

If you can somehow link them together too (i.e. make a homepage that links to all of your documents) that's even cooler too. If they open it up and play with it you can easily be kept in mind for the position
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