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Pub the Pooper

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Here is my oldest baby, Pub (18)....he always sits in this obscene position!!!

Attachment 12324

Did it work? Pub is so excited!!!!
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It worked, Hi Pub you cutie
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Pub sure is a risque little one Hes a cutie and I hope hes feeling better!
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Actually....after Hurricane Andrew in Miami....I lost my condo...and had to move out while they repaired it....was living in a small room...with 4 cats....I went to Publix one evening....and Pub was outside the door....he kept going in and getting thrown out.....he would wait until someone went into the automatic door....and sneak in.....and they would put him back out.....he was skinny....no hair and starving. Then, some big, fat kid (excuse me) came out and tried to kick him. I grabbed him...threw him over my shoulder (as I had a grocery bag on the other arm)....and knew he could tear me apart if he wanted to.

Story went from there.....we went to the vet....got all his shots....somebody must have left him or lost him...b/c he was about 4 years old and already neutered....and....he became my sweet baby....now my oldest.

And...to this day....he still loves to get up on my shoulder.

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What a sweet story, and now I see why his name is Pub
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That is an beautiful story. What a lucky kitty Pub is to have found you and lucky that you found Pub, too.
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Ah, I see Pub is doing what we call "The Loungee " ... a cozy, smug, lounging cat position ...
He looks well-loved
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Hey Pub!!. At 18 you certainly know how to flaunt it

* Hides Rosie and Sophies eyes *
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He has certainly frosted up those windows
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Nice to - um - see you, Pub.

(Nothing like a little kitty porn to start the day! )
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