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At My Wit's End

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I have two cats, Nels and Gilmour. They're brothers who will be two in September. Gil had some trouble being litter trained as a kitten and was a-ok until a few months ago.

He refuses to use the litter pan on his own. He's been to the vet--no medical issues were found. He has no trouble peeing and there isn't any blood. He usually pees right in front of the pan and hasn't pooped in his box for a few months.

I've been picking him up and placing him into the box to have him pee successfully and then jump right out like it is the most awful thing and flee the bathroom. Lately, he's been getting better with that and so I've been putting him in front of the box to have him climb in and do his business. If there is a poo in the box from Nels or if its been more than two days since the whole thing's been changed, he'll jump out of the box when I put him in and run away. Half an hour later, the floor in front of the pan is wet.

I've tried locking him in the bathroom, rubbing vinegar on his lips when he's peed outside the box, setting up a second pan (only to have both cats ignore it)... I don't know what more to do. This afternoon I dumped and refilled the box and put him in. He went pee, climbed out and went poo on the floor with me standing right there! (cheeky little bugger!)

My husband thinks that we should try Prozac... has this worked for anyone else?
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i'd try the Cat Attract litter first - it's working beautifully for me!
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A lot of male cats do that (including one of mine) and so I keep a flat tray for him right beside the regular box, with just a scattering of (clumping) litter in there. He uses it and I clean it up with a scraper and quick sluice in the sink every day (for some reason he will use the box in another part of the house in the a.m., so it's not an all day mess). People have various versions of the thing worked out and it's up to you to choose to live with it (they just seem to need/like a flat place) or not - but would you give up a child who had similar problems?
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Have you changed the litter in any way like brand ect.

I did that once and had a terrible time ...SOme cats don't care
others really are affected by this..if you did..

Doing anything yelling or anything to them will just cause anxiety

I tried drugs..but all it does it make them very dopy.,

think about the litter change if you have..
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