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Is it OK to take the water away from all 4?

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As I posted earlier Jordan goes for his ultra sound on Thursday. He gets no food or water after midnight the night before. There are a couple of choices 1 I can lock him in the bathroom for the night, but I really don't want to do that since he'll be spending the whole next day at the vet. 2 I can leave everyone without water over night.
I think it's OK considering everyone is young and healthy, but I'm just wondering what other people think?
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I always do, I put the fountain back when the one that is going to the vet is in the carrier.
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Yeah, usually since it's early morning, I take water away from all of mine too. Being without water for 7 or 8 hours won't hurt them, especially if you're feeding them their last "meal" at midnight and it has a decent amount of moisture in it.
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Yes, I take whatever is instructed (food, water or both) away from all the cats.

I figure it's better not to stress the kitty that's going in for the procedure any more than necessary, so I try to avoid locking them up separately.
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When Sophie went in i took both their bowls away as well, i'll be doing the same when Jack comes, but like Anne said the minute the cat is in the carrier the other gets the water until i get back to put the food out
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I've never been told to take water away that early. I've always been told no food after about 9pm and take the water away in the morning, which is what I've always done. As far as food goes, I withold from both if one is having a procedure.
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On that note... my vet's office always instructs me to take it away by midnight, but then the vet actually said 3-4 hours before they do the anesthesia because overall it upsets their tummy... but the day that I followed the 3-4 hour minimum... my kitty was vomiting during recovery, under observation. It's because I ran behind, though, and now I'm just of the opinion that doing it the night before works out better.
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My best suggestion would be to take all the water away...I doubt a few hours would hurt them.

Another thought...instead of putting him alone in the bathroom, is it possible to just keep him in your bedroom? Tha way he's getting lots of love before going in to the vet. Unless you're like me, and you have to have all them on the bed in order to fall asleep, which totally defeats my suggestion! Or the others would get mad if you closed them out of the room for the night...? Anyways, just a thought...!

Hope the ultrasound goes well!
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