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Free stuff!!!

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Here is a list of links to get free cat stuff(food, treats, etc...):

Free Feline Greenies: http://www.greenies.com/en_us/2k6sampling/feline.asp

Free 3-lb bag of Goodlife Recipe: http://www.startsampling.com/sm/mars...m=23587&source

MAIL IN REBATE FOR FELINE PINE(get your money back ): http://www.naturesearth.com/rebates.html

Free packet of Whiskas Purrrfectly Fish: http://walmart.triaddigital.com/enha...ktid13588.aspx

Free container of Sheeba Premuim Cuts: http://www.startsampling.com/sm/mars...m=23588&source

Free coupon for $5 off Iams cat food: http://iamspromise.com/captureAddress.iphtml

Also, I don't know if ya'll know this, but if you take the time to email different companies, they will send you a TON of free stuff!

I emailed a lot of different companies this weekend for my brother cause he's taking care of my OTHER brother's 5 cats so I wrote all the companies asking for coupons and/or samples. I'm hoping the coupons and stuff with help my brother out. He's such a great guy to be taking care of animals that aren't even his.

I've had almost 20 companies write me back saying they will send coupons/samples/free food. One company sent him full bags of cat treats. Another is going to send a free 3lb bag of food! Others are sending wet food. I sure hope my brother likes all the stuff! I know that when I wrote a ton of companies when I got my ferrets(I wanted to try different stuff for them) I felt like it was Christmas because within just 3 days of writing companies I started getting boxes of stuff in the mail!

Anyways, I'll quit writing a novel, lol. Hope ya'll enjoy the freebies!
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I free stuff- thanks!!
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Wow where did you find all that stuff, thanks for sharing!

I filled out every one today so i should be getting it all in the same month.
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i wrote to Wellness, & they sent me samples of all of their dry kibbles, including their new grain-free. unfortunately, no one liked them
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Thanks for the info! My kitties love free cat food even more than me, I'm filling out the forms right now
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Thank you for these great links! I have signed up for the Greenies - which my cats LOVE and the Sheba food, which I have never tried. They don't like the other ones listed but these are great!
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I'm trying to debate wether or not I should make a list of all the cat food companies that have sent/are sending samples for ya'll, but I'm kinda scared to. I'm saying that because I don't want to freak out the companies and have them stop sending samples. That's what happened with some of the ferret food companies. They used to send out tons of freebies(I mean TONS) and then when a person posted the info on a forum some of the companies stopped sending samples alltogether. I would hate to think that all of our greediness(me especially, I won't deny it, lol!) would prevent people from getting samples when they really need it.

What do ya'll think? Should I create and post a list or just let people search for themselves? Is it worth the risk?
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Great idea!

I've been thinking about trying some of the pricier premium food brands with the cats anyway and there are no retailers in my area, so I'd have to order online and pay hefty shipping...so hopefully the free samples will pan out.

I also contacted the makers of some of the litter brands (wbcl, nature's miracle, and arm/hammer preium) to see if they'd send me some coupons or samples.

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Thanks! I ordered Greenie samples both for Oliver and my dog, Cuddles (if you click "samples" on the top after you fill out and submit the cat form, you can get the free dog greenie sample and coupon)... Oliver loves them, but honestly, they're so darn expensive - I try to rotate them with other treats

The other products we don't use, but I may start emailing other manufacturers to see what I can get!
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Wow! Thank you very much! This is definitely great info, especially with a new cat and a kitten.
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Thank you so much! I just applied for all of them!
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THANK YOU! I sent away for Sheba, Whiskas, and Greenies.
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Thank You! I signed up for all but the FelinePine.
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Ok, After a suggestion from one of the forum members, I have decided to offer the list to those of you who are interested. So, if you would like the list, you must be a member and PM me and I will send it to you. No 1-post members.

Be warned, it's kinda a long list. Also, most of the foods on the list are really good, all natural foods, no crappy stuff.

Lastly, just because they're on the list does NOT mean they are all still sending samples. However, most of them should send them.
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Here's another freebie!

Free 4-lb bag of Natural Choice Complete Care cat food: http://www.nutroproducts.com/yourfamily/

This offer comes in the form of a coupon for a free bag of food. I got mine last week!
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Thanks so much for these links! I had called wellness about the pet food recall and about 6 weeks later they sent me a nice package of food and a coupon for $3 off - which I all ready used! Also, it looks like some of those companies will send coupons from P&G, etc!
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Thanks a lot! I spend so much money on my kitty...this helps out!
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Thanks for the info. I'm going to send for freebies to give to pet rescue groups.
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Originally Posted by ConsumerKitty View Post
Thanks for the info. I'm going to send for freebies to give to pet rescue groups.
That's a wonderful idea!
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Just remember not to open any packages around the kitties or they'll know what you're up to and will demand their share of the goods, lol!
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For those of you who use Feliway(or would like to try it), here are a couple printable coupons for it!

$5 of diffuser:

$2 off refill:

$3 off spray:

Also, I just found this super awesome coupon booklet. The Petsmart coupons in the begining are only valid til 6/31/07 though so you have to hurry and use them! Tons of great coupons in here!


Fill out this really short info form and you'll get a $5 coupon for Purina One:

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Wellll... My account has been wacky today, nothing on my CP woks except the link to the point system.... and I don't see my PM button, even though I am now 18, so PMing, for now isn't an option for me.

I guess I will come back to this link later, if my problem is fixed, LOL!
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Oh free stuff, thank you. Fun stuff to try, the kitties thank you too, if you find more feel free to post
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Here's a link to get a free sample of Maxximum cat food:


I got my sample in about 2 weeks.
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Does anyone know if there is free stuff for people in the UK
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Yeah, there's lots of stuff for the UK. Let me put together a list and I'll post it in a thread called "Free stuff in UK". Alright?
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You can get a free 4 oz. sample of Blue Spa if you go to compare foods at their site here is the link

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Originally Posted by TortieBaby View Post
Yeah, there's lots of stuff for the UK. Let me put together a list and I'll post it in a thread called "Free stuff in UK". Alright?
Thanks that would be fab
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Thanks free stuff is fun! I hate the waiting period though
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Thanks! I signed up for the greenies when this was posted and received them just yesterday! Sure was fast! I signed up for a couple others too.
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