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Our new kitty

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Hi everyone

Our new baby arrived on firday night. She is the last addition to our breeding program. She is an F3 Bengal. She is pregnant and we expect kittens to arrive Jan. 23. I am very happy to have her in my home. She is so sweet and loving. I have never had a cat like her. She slept on my back, chest, and on my head her first night here. LOL

She is 3 years old and has only had one litter. This will be her second. She is from the Art Decco line. For those of you who do not know Art Decco is an Asian Leopard Cat. Well here is her picture. Thanks for reading.
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Another of her
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Oh My! She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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Thnka you Debby. She is a very pretty cat.
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Oh I love her! She has such beautiful markings. Sounds like a sweet kitty too
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Oh, Niccole, she is gorgeous! Congrats!
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Thank you. She is very sweet!
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Another beautiful queen! I would love to visit you - so many beautiful and loving kitties at your home.
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You may visit when ever you want. My babies love to have visitors and so do I.
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Ohhhh.... she's lovely!!!!

Don't forget to post baby photos when they arrive!
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I will post the babies when they arrive.
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Oh what a gorgeous baby. I still totally see my Asim in Bengal. I like my little mix, hehehe.
And it works cause bengal are one of my fav breeds anyway.

Question... What do you think about breeding Bengals to Servals?
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Breeding a Bengals to a Serval you will get a Savannah. I am not a big fan of Savannahs. I think there ears are way to big. LOL
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Bengal Cats- Your new kitty is so beautiful!

Angelz00- I happen to love Savannahs! They are very docile, loving cats that I would love to have! Here are some pictures of them for you!

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Pics of bengals and Savannah's make me think of the Serengheti (sp) plains. They seem so wild in looks, yet they are so loving! Thanks for the pics.
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When I was thinking about getting a kitten I was looking at Russian Blue's, Bengals, or Aby's.

All are wonderful cats, but the Bengals are so striking to look at!!

Your very lucky to be surrounded by them. Can I move in with you?

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I also love Aby's. It was a hard choice for me.

Sure you can live mith me. My cats would love it. They love people.
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