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Leo's being adopted!!!!

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Leo's the abandoned kitty who wandered into my TNR trap a few weeks ago. The girl who's been fostering him has decided to adopt him! Yayyy!!!! She's taking him in for a vet check to her vet on Saturday morning, and once he's passed, I'll take over all Leo's paperwork to her, and get her to sign a contract saying she is taking responsibility and ownership for him, will ensure he gets taken proper care of, won't be declawed, will be an inside cat etc etc. Then he'll be all hers!

I'm so pleased He's such a sweet boy, and that's what saved him I think - he didn't get into any fights, so didn't get any diseases or illnesses while he was living with the colony, and he got trapped before he got too skinny or too feral!

A happy ending
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Awwww!! Thats so sweet, I'm so happy he's being adopted!
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That's wonderful!!!!!!! He looked like such a handsome kitty and he was coming around nicely from what you describe. I'm so glad that he has a chance at a wonderful life in a home with a meowmy that loves him and will look after him.
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That's wonderful news Sarah
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Fantastic!!!! I hope that he gets all the love he deserves with his new meowmy!
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Just wonderful!! Leo seemed like such a sweetie, here's to his "furever" home
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I just love happy endings like this!

Welcome to the rest of your happy, pampered life, Leo!
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I'm so happy for Leo. What a sweet boy. I love happy endings!
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That is such wonderful news!

Yay for Leo and his new mama
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