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FIP/ Lymphoma

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My 4 year old cat has been eating less and less for months and getting less and less active.

I took Ben to the vet who kind of poo pooed me as his blood work was normal. Then suddenly one day (2 weeks ago) he simply stopped eating and let food drop from his mouth. Vet STILL could not see anything wrong and xrays were fine. Also no pancreatitis.

I then had him ultra sounded and found out he has Typhiliits - an inflamed Cecum.

my Vet has been out of town but online Vets are saying this is usually found in FIP or intestinal lymphoma cats.

Ben acts better lately - on flagyl but the online Vets are telling me to have exploratory surgery done and get biopsies.

Does/did anyone here have a FIP cat or one with Lymphoma? Did/do they act like my Ben?

I am SO frightened!
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I'm bumping this thread to see if you can get some replies.
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My little 8 months old Twinkie was put down just a little while ago due to FIP. We fought it for almost 2 months and as it looked like she was getting better she was getting worse. If this is dry FIP it will be impossible to diagnose unless biopsy is done. My kitten had dry FIP originally which than turned into wet FIP. It took that long to actually find out. Once the cat has wet FIP you can then get 100% diagnoses. Does your cat have diarrhea? Does he drink? Does he seem dehydrated? What are the signs?
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Hi Heidi,
I can completely relate with what you are going through. I had to send my Whiskers to the rainbow bridge earlier this week. She had just turned 5 on June 10. Here is the thread that details what we went through the past few weeks. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=129171

I did not get a definitely diagnosis for lymphoma or FIP but my vet thought it was FIP in the end because she started having seizures at the end. Her prognosis was very poor. It is weird not having her here anymore...sometimes I think she's just sitting under my bed.

In the months prior to the ER incident, she was eating less and seemed to be just sitting around all day. I attributed it to her not liking the new kitten but really she had become less active about a year ago because one of the reasons I got a new kitten was to keep her company.

How is Ben doing lately, is he eating? Please keep us updated. Feel free to PM me if you have questions or need to talk. I hope that you are not discouraged by reading my situation. Stay strong and positive for your baby.
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I lost my Oliver to FIP on January 4th of this year. He was only 6 months old and had dry FIP. His symptoms were very different, but my vet never suggested exploratory surgary. There are some very good threads here on FIP - that is how I found TCS. My prayers go out to you and your cat. I hope that he has neither disease.
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My Isadora was diagnosed with FIP several years ago when I took her into the vet for a severe eye infection. The vet tested her for FIP, as eye infections often materialize in FIP positive cats, and the test came back positive. I was completely devistated, but after the eye infection cleared, we had no more problems with her. It's been probably 5 years since then and she's completely normal (other than being FIP positive). My vet thinks she's just a carrier and isn't necessarily actively infected.

If you're concerned about FIP, I would definately have your cat tested.
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i am sorry to hear that FIP is a possibility, I hate seeing those three letters. Sadly, there is no definitive test for FIP, if they test their titre levels, it doesn't mean they are FIP positive or negative, just in the case of the previous poster, they have come into contact with the corona virus, and apart from it being linked to how good their immune system is, no one can say how each cat will react to coming into contact with it. If you can afford to have the tests done, it might be an option, but the prognosis with FIP is poor, and you might want to consider what the long term options are before putting him through surgery.
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