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I have a health concern regarding a kitten

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There’s a kitten that’s probably 2 months now (I’ve lost tracked of the age). She has gone extreme hours without urinating or pooping? Her care-givers exclaimed she holds it. So, definitely alone holding her urine or poop in is a health concern. Also, her care-givers are also unaware if she even urinates.

Also, today I’ve seen her litter. There is no wet soil, just very tiny broken up poops about the size of a finger nail perhaps. Which looks like constipation exist? Which I asked one of her care-giver (not even sure if I should be using this term) about and was told she has seen her struggle when trying to use it. I suggested taking her to the vet and possibly giving her some pumpkin for now.

Which she exclaimed she doesn’t have the funds necessary for a trip to a vet, I did also suggest covering the fees for the trip to the vet. But, I doesn’t seem like they think the trip is necessary.

So, so anyone see a health concern or what the problem may be?
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When a cat is having trouble peeing its usually a UTI. The little pooping is constipation. If she doesn't take the kitten to the vet, then she risks the kitten dying in a short time. UTI is INFECTION - maybe you should tell her that if she wants the kitten to live, she had better get her to the vet - funds or no funds.

IMO why did she adopt a cat if she couldn't pay for medical?????? If it was a male kitten who was not peeing, he'd have already died of uramic poisoning cause he'd have been blocked!
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my first thought on this is if they really don't have concern about what is exiting do they have cioncern about what they are feeding her?(or if she is eating if food is provided) pee in clay litter would dry out fairly soon in a clay litter...well at least for one young kitten.
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It hasn’t been confirmed if she’s having trouble peeing, that’s just assumption on my part. However, she is definitely struggling with defecating.


I saw her eating today. She eats’ dry Purina kitten formula. And her litter isn’t clay.
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Golden Kitty,

Completely understood. I actually believe they don’t think cat’s get ill. So any medical concerns most likely wasn’t even thought about.
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is there anyway to get her a worried about her future with these people(will she be spayed or also adding to the overpopulation) her age its possible shes using something besides the box and its to little a wet spot to be noticed. what sort of litter isd being used and is the box small enough she can get in it without much jumping
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She is litter trained and the size is big but she’s able to get in, it’s low enough to the ground. She hasn’t been spayed and they have thought about it so it’s hope there. However, they have also decided she will not being going outside at all to wonder around. So, she definitely won’t be making babies.

But, as far as the urinating problem maybe she is using. But I actually really don’t think so. But she has to be, I would think, she is pooping though I guess but barely with the constipation.

I think the check-up is possible, that’s only given if an outsider will pay for the occurring bill. I offered but I can’t even get any information from them to find out if there was a valid problem that needs to be solved immediately and for I can communicate with the vet the problem. I just get a bunch of I don’t monitor her. So, basically they don’t know. She’s (the kitten) running around now. She’s very active.
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can you say you are taking in your cat for its annual checkup and then say something like illl stop by before the appt. to get your kitten(as there will only be one office visit charge) Years ago that worked for me to take a friends cat to vet(he had a abscess and needed advantage for his fleas) I was very direct and told her id be there 15 minutes before appt to pick him up..I NEVER brought it up after the visit. if anything is seriously wrong vet should be able to detect it and get it at least its first shots
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I’m actually taking my cat to the vet tomorrow about ear mites again (hopefully it will finally be solved), and about this kitten, I can not get the details about her, would the vet need a urine sample, you think?

The vet will ask me what's the problem and don't know if one exist, I'm just going on seeing her out for long periods of time without using it, several times, and the factual story of the constipation since that's been confirmed by the one of the people that's suppose to care for her.

And now today she’s been out since about 1 something today I believe and she hasn’t gone yet, well not that I’ve seen unless she’s using it under the bed but I don’t smell anything funky.
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Even if she's trying to pee elsewhere the fact that you can't find any indication would still more then likely be UTI. Avoidence of litter box, going somewhere else, or going very little are some signs.

The kitten needs to be seen by the vet or it will die. Doesn't take very much in problems for that young of a kitten!
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a sample would be preffered but since shes so little they should be able to feel anything thats full(bowels/bladder) I would take her as just a kitten check up(call first to make sure they can see her...) I know around here if you bring more then one in they will only charge you one visit(as long as they have room) can you confine her at all-either a cage with her box or a smaller, easier to examine room
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Ryanjay… It’s not my cat, so I couldn’t take charge like that. But, tomorrow I’m going to definitely take her to the vet. Her care-givers have consented to that.
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Glad to hear I understand you can't overstep and all i was just curious if you could somehow get them to keep a bit more watch on her(or maybe they would listen if the vet said she needs to be kepts under more watch?) good luck and hope it all works out
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Yes, please keep us updated on the little one.
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Well, I took the kitten to the vet earlier today. And was told why I am worrying? There’s nothing wrong. Kittens don’t get UTI’s or get constipated.
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Bulls***t - what kind of vet told you that???? They most certainly CAN! If it happens in an adult it can happen in a kitten.
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I know… That’s exactly what I thought. And she was so adamant about it. Practically in my face because I kept commenting on the kitten condition, saying some then is wrong. She gets stern and said basically it’s impossible; kittens’ don’t get UTI’s or get constipated.

She said this kitten is going somewhere it doesn’t have to be in the litter but she’s certainly using the bathroom.

And I also took my cat to that same vet to look at his ears and she said they were perfectly fine, she decided this by looking at his ears with her eyes for a second. Not, a microscope or anything like that. And I explained to her how his ear’s pains him, she said no it was probably an itch.

I have been to this clinic several times but have seen different people at each of those times. And I have decided I will no longer be going there anymore.

As far as the kitten… I don’t know what to do… because I’m basically alone in this…I’m the only person showing concern and especially when a vet tried to make me look like a fool. So no one is showing concern after a VET say’s kittens don’t get uti’s or constipated.

She also said dry Purina is very excellent.
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Oh and I have made a mistake about her age… she’s not 2 months. She’s between 3 – 4 months old. She just so tiny… I thought younger.
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Poor kitty - no one seems concerned about her other then you. All I can tell you is do the best you can. I don't think the kitten will live a long time. I cannot believe that person is a VET! Her license to practice should be revoked. I'd report her to the Veternarian Board in your state and put in writing what happened - at least it would be on file. No compassion at all. Too bad the kitten is not yours or I'm sure you'd take it elsewhere for a 2nd opinion.
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WOW! when i was handraising a litter they were all eating purina kitten chow(I was strapped and also feeding another kitten who was about 5 months along with 14 or so other cats at the time) at about 10 weeks i noticed my male having issues peeing put him on a canned kitten and took to vet...from then on started his urinary issues(was put on cd-rx hills diet, at about a year old) if this kitten...disappeared are they the type who would go find another kitten? or in that case even look for the first?
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Since you were willing to absorb the vet call for the kitten, could you possibly provide some canned kitten food for the little one to help improve her diet and hydration at home?

Since you seem to have ample opportunity to see how the little ones doing then you would know fairly quickly if the canned is helping with the constipation and helping her to urinate.

Than you for being such a wonderful person and trying to help a kitten that many would never even notice.
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Originally Posted by tru View Post
Since you were willing to absorb the vet call for the kitten, could you possibly provide some canned kitten food for the little one to help improve her diet and hydration at home?

Since you seem to have ample opportunity to see how the little ones doing then you would know fairly quickly if the canned is helping with the constipation and helping her to urinate.

Than you for being such a wonderful person and trying to help a kitten that many would never even notice.

Yeah… I tried providing her with canned food… I only have the kind that would give her diarrhea… So, I tried giving her a tiny portion of it… and she still ended up with diarrhea… it lasted for a very short period of time… And I think one of them may have been complaining about it… I expressed to them it was normal… so should I go get her some wet food that’s close to the ingredient listing of her dry… so she won’t get diarrhea… Right now the kitten is playing around with my cat. (and it has been a very slow introduction about 2 months long… she zoomed in my room quickly before I could close the door to play with him)
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Perhaps try some canned pumpkin or even baby food squash to go along with some wet food to help with her constipation or diarrhea issues.

The pumpkin should be straight pumpkin, (not pie filling).

Maybe you can lure her in to take meals with your kit and have greater control over what's going on with her. It sounds to me like you are already In for a penny, might as well be in for a in for a pound.

These little balls of fur do have a way of quickly finding a place in our hearts don't they? I hope you can get her smoothed out a bit.
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