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Biting kitty

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I have a 3 month old persian baby at home, he is a very loving kitty, he loves lots of kisses and huggs. But when it comes to play time, he bits as all cats do. The only problem is that he bites very very hard. On a few occations I almost drew blood. I tryed shouting at him, or clapping real loud, but he just bites harder. I've have cats in the past, and yes they all bite, but when u say ouch they stop. I had one kitty that would start licking my hand right away, like to say I´m sorry So any advice is much apreciated, Thanx

:blossom: Lulu
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I have had this problem with my tom and have never been able to totally cure it. It seems some cats just like to use their teeth.

One way to discourage it is to put your finger in his mouth and hold it there after he bites. This is unpleasant for him.

Another piece of advice I have seen is to give him something else to bite at as a play toy to get him to get the play out of his system.
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Can you describe some of how you *play* with you kitty so we can give you better advice?
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You might want to stick to the advice of experts and only play with your kitty with toys and not your hands. This teaches them it's ok to wrestle and bite your fingers and hands, etc. I've been tempted with mine to wrestle them and have done it a couple times but right away they start in, so I pretty much stick to the toys, much more pleasant!
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