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Smudgey's eye checkup

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I just took Smudge in for an eye checkup. She's had one check up since she had the surgery to freeze off the fur that was in her eyes, and DH took her, so I didn't get to ask the vet all my questions.

She didn't really NEED a check up, but I figured she's fully grown now, and she still won't jump up or down from anything more than a couple of feet high, and is always squinting still. So I wanted to just get her checked out again just to make sure she's not getting worse.

The vet is fantastic. She's an animal eye doctor, and they love Smudge there They were all sooo excited to see her again.

So anyway, she said her corneas actually looked more clear than last time, and she's confident that Smudge won't get any worse, but it's unlikely she'll get any better. This as good as her eyes will get. Smudge had good reactions to light, and could generally follow movement well. She has these strands in her eye (I can't remember what they're called now...) that she said probably affect her vision, but is nothing to worry about. She'll always have little eyeballs, and her eyes will always look cloudy, but that's also nothing to worry about.

She did a tear test and said her eyes were a bit dry, and her left eye was worse than her right. So she thinks we should be putting artificial tears in her eyes every day for the rest of her life to help her with that, which will make her more comfortable. She hates stuff being put in her eyes, but hopefully if we do it the same time every day, then give her treats and snuggles afterwards it will get better for us all.

So I'm glad to know it won't get worse, and that she is doing well.

And the vet was so incredibly wonderful. She said to come in any time I wanted her eyes checked up, whether because they're looking not quite right, or just for my own peace of mind. She also said there's no charge for the appointment, or any future appointments!! How nice is that??!?!?! She said it was because she adored Smudge, and because she was a Humane Society Rescue. I think that is so wonderful.

So I need to do/make something to send to her to say thanks for being so kind. It's people like that who restore your faith in the world! She's not in it for the money, she just wants to help
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What a lovely vet! I wuld at least send her a thank you card with a pic of Smudge in it. And tell her about TCS.

I am glad that Smudge is doing ok!
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I've got some scrapbooking stuff, so I thought I might scrapbook her a nice card with before and after photos of Smudge
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The tear thing may not be forever, Matt had to do the same with Magnum and eventually the vet said he was producing them by himself (his eye and cornea were damaged by Boomie getting a little upset with him).

The card sounds like a lovely idea
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I've got some scrapbooking stuff, so I thought I might scrapbook her a nice card with before and after photos of Smudge

That is a nice idea...what a super Vet
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Oh that's great news Sweet little Smudge She's a doll baby
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That is really nice of the vet and I couldn't agree more that it is people like her who remind us there is still good in this world!!

I think a before and after card is a very thoughtful thank you!!
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great to hear the update on sweet Smudge - what a wonderful vet you have makes you feel all warm & fuzzy
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I like the card and before and after picture idea as well.

As for her loving little Smudge, who wouldn't love her to pieces. She is just so special.
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Isn't it nice to have a vet like that especially one that is good at what they do. My vet is the same way ( I use to work there though but he treats me like i still do ) I send in doughnuts and coffee which the vet and staff love It's my way of saying Thanks
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What a great vet!...There are still great people out there in this world. I am glad that Smudge's appt. went so well.
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I'm so happy that Smudge's eye appointment went well!! What a great doctor too! It's wonderful to know that not everyone gets into the business for the money and that they do it for the love of animals.

Smudge is very fortunate to have found you. You take very good care of her and her snuggles with you today show that she is very appreciative of that
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There's nothing more reassuring than feeling that your vet truly loves your pets, too. I'm so glad you found someone to take such good care of your darlin' Smudge!
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Great news!
What a lovely vet too. I`m sure there aren`t many that wave fees.
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
Great news!
What a lovely vet too. I`m sure there aren`t many that wave fees.
I know!! We've never asked or expected to have fees waived, we've been ready to pay the last 2 times we've had checkups.

She even did the surgery for free for the shelter - they just paid for the cost of the anaesthesia. So the only cost so far has been about $100 I think, which the shelter covered.

The eye doctor is semi retired and good friends with the vet from the shelter, so I think she's just doing it for the love of it.
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i'm glad to hear her eye appointment went well!! the vet sounds wonderful!
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