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Is my kitten in danger?

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I've had my kittens for a week now. They're 8 weeks old and seems perfectly healthy. However, one of them makes orange and soft excrements (for a few days, now) and it looks a little painful for her. Is it unusual? Should I go see the vet?
The food I give them is "Whiskas specially formulated for kittens". Should I change it or wait to see if it goes away?

Thank you all for your advices!


PS If you want to see my adorable kittens, you can watch them on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03OJvZhU-3M
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The first few days my kitten had some diarrhoea due to the change in diet. However I only tried the Whiskas kitten stuff once and I thought it was disgusting; both the smell and what it did to kitty! I've been using Felix pouches for kittens combined with dry food which I know a lot of people wouldn't recommend but he enjoys them and he's looking very healthy.

Just my experience with Whiskas hasn't been great.
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Also to say, if it persists, contact your vet. Kittens can get ill easily enough.
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Since the kitten has had runny stool for a few days now, you'll need to make sure the kitten has plenty of water, as they can dehydrate very quickly.

The best way to see if the kitten is dehydrated is to pinch the skin on the nape of the neck, and if it falls back into place slowly, then she is dehydrated. This can be very dangerous, and the kitten may need fluids.

Please contact your veterinarian if you feel concerned.
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Thank you all for the advice.
I will make sure she's not dehydrated and I'll contact the vet if it persist.

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the kittens should have already seen a vet, just to make sure all is ok.
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I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow regarding vaccination. Zoé seems okay now, but I'll still talk to the vet about her diarrhea of the past days. The vet wanted to wait until they weight two pounds before vaccination and Tania (Zoé's sister) is very Tiny so he wanted to wait until they're almost nine weeks to see them.

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Hi Marilou

Since they're so small, you may want to switch to a higher quality pet food for a while. When I first got my kitten, we had a low quality wet food and she kept getting diarrhea, so switched to Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul kitten food, and because she was so small, also mixed in KMR and Pedialyte (the anti-dehydration liquid for human children). We'd make a big batch, put it in the fridge, then serve a small amount at a time heated up, and gave her regular small feedings.

The diarrhea stopped, and she started gaining weight rapidly and turned into a very happy, healthy kitten
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Wow, thanks a lot!
Since I'm seeing the vet tomorrow, I'll ask him about Tania's size (she already grew up a lot in the past week, but when I first got her, she was really tiny compared to her brothers and sisters. If he thinks it's a problem, I'll try your recipe.
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