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Need some Insight:

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Hi I'm new here but want to say hello to everyone I do have a question for the experienced folks. I have a 9 month old Bengal female- all of a sudden she stopped jumping-I have had her to the vets and he could find nothing wrong-has anyone else ever had a cat do this? I though I would wait for something more pronouced as far as symptoms go before I go and do xrays of her hips- but I did find where they said hip displaysia is not in kittens. I also found a spot that said they use chairs to get up on things wihich she does in the hip displaysia section . But she hasn't been on the counters or even on her cat tree for a couple weeks now any advice on where to start checking for problems? thanks Rita
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I would do the xrays. I don't have any idea what it could be but I think the xrays would be a good first step.

Here is a recent thread about a fairly young cat that has (had) some hip issues.


HOUMedGal has a lot of good info and some links in her posts there. I hope it might help.
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