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Fake spraying?

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Oscar is just under 2 years old and he backs up to things in the house and fake sprays (i.e., his butt/tail wiggle but nothing comes out).

Should I be worried that he will start spraying for real?

I know he hasn't yet, because the house is small and doesn't smell like cat urine at all.

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A couple of mine do that, it's always when they are excited. It's been over 2 yrs and they've never actually sprayed.
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He's just excited and pleased to see you Jaffa has always done this and he's 10 yrs old now. It never resulted in spraying (he did spray once recently but that was a totally different situation - new cat and all that!).
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My new one does this as well...It makes me nervous as I had a cat
that started to spray terrible over a resident cat..

You will know...I just think if he is neutered he won't if he has not yet..

Best, Sherry
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My Joey does that too!
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two of my neutered males do that too.
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My female cat Fleury does that...
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My new cat Clyde does that too! Seems like he does it when he's pleased.
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I've had two females who did that!
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Both my fixed boys do that, thank goodness I'm not alone. Great question, I've always wondered that, for like 9 years.
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Our newest cat Frostie does that too. The first time I saw her do it I thought "OH NO!" but she did not spray, just the tail twitch.

I was worried because I had just adopted her and it ran through my mind that it might be the reason they gave her up for adoption but did not mention it in the petfinder ad.

But we have had her a month (wow that went quick) and no problems at all.
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It's just that he's excited to see you - neither of my boys do it, but my neighbour's ginger boy always runs up to me and greets me with the tail shake - it really does look as if they're going to do something unpleasant though!
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