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Fish Food?!?!?

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My cat Pickles has been eating my fish food. I try to leave it on top shelves and out of her reach, but some how she always seems to find it. She has even found a way to get the top off. It act almost like cat nip for her, making her a little wonky. She even goes after the bits that fall from my hand as i put it into the tank. It is getting annoying and very expensive. Is this normal, and does anyone know how to stop this?
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I'd find a cabinet to keep it in or try a Tupperware container that seals tight to set the food in.

It won't hurt them, but I'm sure you don't like cleaning up the fine pieces
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Oliver likes fish food too.... one time I was filling the automatic feeder for my tank and it acidentally fell over and fish food spilled all over.... Oliver ran right over to help clean up - he literally butts his way right in any time I have to take the container out or decide to give the tank some shrimp treats... silly cat

I would try keeping the food container in a drawer or a closet somewhere where the cat would have less access to it
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lol, happens to me too. I guess fish food has a strong odour which they like probley. he lernt to open the cuboard for it too :O
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