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how can I entertain my cats?

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I'm thinking of enlisting my bf and dad to make a cat wheel this summer, like Nial has. However archie is more of a jumper, so it would really just be for Tilly. She has manic amounts of energy, and is an indoors cat. I'd hate to build it and her never touch it. She loves running around and fetching etc so is it likely she'd love a wheel? She's a Bengal cross so i'm leaning towards yes, but i'm also wondering if having other cats around who use it, like nial, encourages them.

I'm also trying to think of a way to enclose my garden so the cats could go in it, but not get over the fence. My garden is TINY, so I'm worried that the netting fencing (like the purrfect fence) would essentially form a roof over the garden, and would cover our windows. It is possible to get a very fine but strong netting that would basically make our garden into a cat enclosure? And in england?

My dad wants to let them out, Tilly to wander wherever she wants, and Archie to potter round the garden looking worried (he's not much of a climber). i'm worried we'd never see tilly again except at meal times, and that if archie did make it over the fence he'd get stuck/drink something dangerous etc. And i'd worry that they'd find a way to get to the road from the back gardens.

I was thinking about making a series of platforms/carpeting etc that could be attached to the wall/put on the floor in the mornings, and taken up in the evenings, and moved around for variety, to give them something to play with. Is this feasible? My house is too small to have people in at the same time as a big enough cat tree etc, so i hoped it would be a good compromise.

Any ideas for how to entertain two energetic cats while i'm out of the house?
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So these cat-trees and carpets etc would be in the house while you are all out working etc. well I think thats a fantastic idea and of course moving them about would certainly keep their interest in it.
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I love the platform idea!! You could even make it extra interesting by bringing out different cat toys each time you're out. You can place them in different spots each day so that there is always a new suprise!
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I have a large ziploc bag made for the freezer and I put catnip in it and a few toys and hide it away. Each week I put new toys in it and take the old ones out, especially if I'm leaving for a length of time. I got the idea from others on this forum, and it works well! She thinks she is getting new toys and plays and plays with them.

I like the platform idea! If I didn't live in an apartment, I think I would like to have little "cat stairs" in patterns on parts of my wall, but since I do, I have a cat tree that she seems to enjoy.

Oh and when I leave, I always leave the TV on. I turn it to Animal Planet or to a digital music station like Soundscapes. It seems to calm her down when I'm not here.
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I turn on the radio! I was thinking of leaving some of their dry food on the highest platforms, to encourage them to explore to the full

We're a bit scared of catnip and our cats as they get over excited with all cat treats (including dental) and it makes Archie mean.
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If you have some old shelves that you dont want, their good to convert too. I recently had some I didnt need so my dad made some holes in the shelves big enough for them to climb through and put in a little hammock and a room on bottom shelf that I've put lots of shredded tissue paper in (our youngest loves it).
However my shelves arent very tall so wall shelves would give you more height and room for expansion, as long as your not like me and rearranging your rooms every few weeks .
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