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Goodbye Zion :( what would YOU do!??

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It was so hard for me to say goodbye to my 7 month old manx kitten, Zion.

I can't stop thinking about what his "new" mother said to me as I was ready to leave, "if things don't work out, I will be sure to let you know"...
What did she mean by this!!?? I will be going home across seas, so there is no way for me to be there for Zion. I'am worried that she won't get along with Zion, and eventually give up on him and give him to another family. I thought she would be the best for Zion, but now i'm thinking otherwise- when it is already too late...

I didn't charge her a fee because I knew taking him in would be costly, he still wasn't fixed. Zion did a little one night sleepover before I gave him to her. She said he (zion) was comfortible in the home. Even with the other cat (1year) around. Now I'm starting to regret bringing him to her. Should I be feeling this way? I think I'm wayyy paranoid...

Today, they didn't get along, Zion hissed at her and wouldn't let her pet him!!!???? I was SOOO dissapointed because I thought they got along fine! And Zion is a very very loving cat, he got along with my other fam. members...I figured it was because she had her other cat's smell on her...???...

I don't know what I should do...
I miss him sooo much and I can just imagine Zion being hurt by the other cat.
I know I should think positive and wish for the best....
But it's hard NOT to prepare for the worse.
I'm thinking about calling her and asking for Zion back.

SO, my question is this...

IS THERE A PROGRAM WHERE A FAMILY TAKES IN A KITTEN TEMP. ???I just need him to finish all his rabies shots before I take him to quarentine..

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Perhaps you should just call or e-mail her and ask for an update. Maybe that will calm your fears, and if you find she's doing something you don't approve of, say you'd like to place the kitten in a home where the owner can do the things you request. Honestly, though, if you didn't make them sign a contract, it's hard to be very forceful. I had a kitten that I had to take back, but thankfully the owner wanted to give me Sofia back and it worked out best for all of us.

There are foster programs for cats, but since you can't take care of the cat while you're looking for a new home, you would have to leave Zion with the current owner... and they might not be cooperative.

Good luck... I'm sure she's fine.
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