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OMG! I think I just had a heart attack....

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Not sreiously but my heart basicly almost just stopped and here is why.....

So picture this. Its 145 in Cali and I am laying on the couch, right next to the front door, finally able to relax from work. My DH is sitting across the room having a cigarette, we are watching last seasons Beauty and the Geek. I sit up to troll a bit on TCS, stumble onto Annes thread with the 30 pictures link. I start looking, I get to the 5th picture and sudenly I hear.....

THE DOORKNOB IS TURNING! SOMEONE IS PUSHING ON THE DOOR!!!!! I alert my DH, he instantly goes on the defence. He grabs the crow bar, I grab Karma and the phone and we head to the bedroom, waiting to hear CALL THE POLICE. I come out to see whats going on, my DH is standing at the door posed for a fight. I knowticed he has started to unlock the door, THE PERSON IS STILL THERE! THEY ARE PUSHING THE DOOR AND RINGING THE DOOBELL AND TRIING TO GET IN! I start thinking about all the news stories I hear about people doing this very thing, trying to get you to open the door so they can get in. I just start thinking that we will be tomorrows news story. He opens the door, ready to fight............

Turns out it was our neighbor, so drunk that he truly thought he was at his door. After my DH realized who it was he put the crow bar down, and the neighbor stumbled next door, clearly scared. Well he should be. He almost had crow bar through the face.

So yea I just had a heart attack. Now Karma is postioned in front of the door looking very protective, I think she believe she could save us. My DH is trying to come down from the major adrenilin rush and I think I need a drink. I just don't know if I can sleep tonight. We spent many hours discussing the what if's and figuring out what to do in that situation. You still never know though untill you are faced with it. I am glad it was just the neighbor, but man I NEVER want to go through that again. We did though exicute the plan we had so I guess all that talk payed off.

Now I am off for a beer.
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The numpty!!!. If that was me he'd be getting such a tongue lashing when he sobered up!
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I am glad that ya'll had a plan, and I am glad that ya'll are safe and that nothing happened to ya'll.
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OMG, I would have pooped my pants

Glad your okay
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Thank goodness you're all ok! I know how you felt--awhile ago, I had just come home from work, sat down in the kitchen to read my mail, when someon rang the front doorbell. As I was alone, and not expecting anyone, I didn't answer. Then they rapped on the outside metal storm door; then used the doorknocker, then I SAW THE INSIDE DOOR HANDLE TURNING! Thank God I had it locked! Then he threw his weight against the inner door. Stupid me thought maybe is was H coming home very early; he USED to () get mad if he had to open the locked door, as his hands are always full, so I got up to open the door. It wasn't H...it was a guy, pretending (later verified by the police) he was from the phone company to "Speak to us about fibre-optic cable". I told him to get the hell of my property, and slammed the door shut, locked it, and called the police. They spoke to him, tore up all of the personal info he had gathered from the neighborhood ladies (whom, I found out from them, had asked when their husbands would be home), and told him, if they ever saw him again in the development, he'd be arrested. Guess what? He showed up there 2 days later; he was turned in by one of the neighbors that I called after the incident.

Hubby no longer gets upset when the door is locked, needless to say!

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Oh you poor thing!!! Lucky your DH was there, it would have been so much more scary if you were on your own!
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Wow I would have peed my pantaloniesThankfully it was just a crazy drunk neighbor
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Thank Goodness that's all it was!
I had someone knocking at my door when I was single & living in an apartment alone, trying to get me to open the door. I always ask "who is it" (i didn't have a peephole) They tried to con their way in, & I just kept up with the " I can call someone for you.." type of thing. They went away, realizing I wasn't an easy target.
Too scary.
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Oh that is so scary! Thank GOD you are ok!!! I always keep my door locked. Even if DH is home with me. I don't even like leaving the door open to the screen door but locked. We had someone looking for directions knock on our door after dark one night. I freaked and made DH get up!
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I am glad you are ok. That is very scary!! I don't even like to answer the door when it is the pizza guy!! I always make DH open it!!

Your neighbor will never be able to live this down!! hehehe
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