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Rubbing paws

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This is not a behaviour problem; more curious. You know the way when a cat wants to use the toilet he rubs one of front paws along the ground? Well for some reason our kitty does this around his food usually after eating. Now he doesn't necessarily go to the loo after he does this. Also the litter tray is nowhere near where he eats!

It's a bit strange and, while it doesn't bother me, my partner is fascinated by it!! I'm about to take him on his first vet visit; wish me luck.
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We've had other discussions about this. I think we came to the conclusion that they're trying to bury it for later

Stan does this sometimes with his wet food (because he knows Bella usually won't touch the dry, but she will steal his wet food). It makes me kind of sad. I usually pick up the bowl and put it some place safe until he lets me know he wants to eat again.
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All of my cats do this with their wet food, Muggels usually, she can never finish it in one setting so she 'buries' it. its rather cute isn't it?
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Instead of saving it for later, I've always heard it was to cover any evidence of the food that might attract a preditor. Still really cute.

I've never seen a cat do this when they want to use the litter box though.
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I've seen cats scratch the ground just before they get into a litter box; again same theory of looking for somewhere to bury it. It is very cute!

Harry was as good as gold in the vet's; he's pleased that he's a very healthy cat .
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Definitely hiding the food for one reason or another.

I wish Oscar just did that...usually he'll do that then drag a rug over the food and step on it.
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