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Do you add Mr/Ms/Miss to your cats names?

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Was just thinking about this because it's something I do and I saw two other posts where people referred to their animals with a Mr. in front of their names...

We call Buddha "Mr. Boo" and Peewee is "Mr. Wee"... Sammy's not a Mr yet, but I think he's just too young We don't seem to do it with the girls tho...

Anyone else do this as a name or a nickname?
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I sometimes sing to my cats to the tune of... ... 'miss new b**ty' by bubba sparxxx. But i sing 'lil miss cutie' instead. does that count??
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Miss Moofi is Miss Moofi
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Sometimes I call Roxy "Miss Kitty"...but I sort of make the end of kitty long, like "Miss Kitttyyyy".
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I do often call Bella "Miss Bella" or "Miss Thing" when she's sporting an attitude...Stanley is usually Stan, Stanster, Stannypants, or Mr Stanny-no-pants when he's just had his butt trim!
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While not part of their official names, I call my sister's cats Miss Packy and Mr. Lucky. They seem to like it. I sometimes call Topaz, Miss Prissypants. I don't think I've ever added Mr. to Ari's name, though.
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Mr. Whitey
Ms Luna (aka Ms Priss).

I don't do it for Patches or Beauty though...well Patches is the Queen, so only "Your Royal Highness" will do
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We do with Magnum, who gets called Mr Mags a lot, but not the others, and Magnum prefers being called Sir
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It's mostly Dr. Claw and Mr. Scratch.
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I call Kingston "Mr. Kingston Man". Don't know why and he is the only cat I do that with.
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Wow I didn't realize it but I do. Only with Molly & Lucky though.
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Technically I named Puff Mr. Puff. But I don't call him that all the time.
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I call Frankie Missy more often that I call her Frankie... does that count?
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Mr. Stimpers. Of course sometimes he is Bratty-Head Stimpy-Pants.
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Pepperpot gets either Ms. Pot, or Miss Peeps.

Merlin gets Mr. Moo

But Gabby and Gweeky don't !
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Oh yeah! My kitties are:

Miss Stumpy Cat
Miss Lily and
Little Miss Smudgey Kitten
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Hubby calls Sassy, Bunny so I sometimes call her Miss Bunny. But I don't on Katie or Black.
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Spike is so not a "Mister." He gets a long list of other silly nicknames, however: Spike-a-doo, Spike-a-doodle, Spikester, Spikie ...

Oz is only rarely called "Mr. Oz," but it suits him better than it does his brother. He also has a long list of silly nicknames: Ozling, Ozmodeus, Ozmodear, Ozelot, Oz-a-ling ...

I am incapable of not giving my cats stupid nicknames. Actually, I'm incapable of not giving any cats I know stupid nicknames. It's kind of embarassing, really.
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I don't usual call them MR but with my two guys, Sassy becomes, Master Sass when he is being bad, and Linus is quite often Little Lord Linus when he is misbehaving.
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Sometimes, but not added to Zissou it sounds reeediculous. Miss Zissou--- try that three times fast. But I'll call her 'miss priss' if she's being picky or Little Miss ____ fill in the blank; sneaky, hungry, meowmachine, pretty much whatever she's doing at the time.

Right now she's Little Miss Sleepybutt.
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Oh, Oz is occasionally known as Mister Stinkybutt, but I think he'd prefer I keep that to myself ...
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I do!! I have a Miss Kitty, but i also like to add Mr to by boy kittys!!

Mr Taffy~Mr Taffers......

Miss Chloe....
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I do it with the kittens but not the moms. I have no clue why the moms dont get called Miss or Mrs. I call Calamity just her name. Skye I call Skye Skye.
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yes... i call Chip "Mr. Chips", & all the others Miss whatever... i also say things like Miss Tacky-pants [usually Cable] &Miss/Mr. Silly-Pants... i'm a silly meowmy...
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Mr. Squishy (hehe i squish all the puppy doggies faces and call them baby squisy and mr. squishy)

Miss fluffy pants (isabella)

Miss Fancy pants (refering to my foster kitten Fancy)
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I call Summer "Ms. Summer in a snooty voice because she thinks she's all that

Chevy is Mr. Attitude!
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