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Grooming after spay

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Sheila was spayed yesterday, at 5 months. After a shaky start (she frightened herself badly in her collar, and then was obviously feeling unwell last night), she is adjusting well to her collar, but of course it means she can't groom herself - for 10 days. She is a Maine Coon, so semi-longhaired.

Her brother, Bruce, occasionally gives her a bit of a wash, but it's a token gesture rather than an effective bath! I will obviously wipe her face and collar after she eats (she is messy, playful eater at the best of times and it all ends up down her neck!), and attend to her rear end when required. Also, when she has been desperate to wash after eating I have groomed her, which has comforted her a bit.

Is there anything else I can do to help her feel more comfortable? Her coat is already looking a bit greasy and bedraggled. I have heard people on this forum saying that wet wipes can help - any tips on what sort or how to use them?

Once her stitches are out after 10 days, will I need to give her a proper bath? She's never had one before!

Thanks for any tips on how to make Sheila feel clean and comfortable!
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Try some cornstarch baby powder in her coat and kinda use your hands to brush it thru the coat (or VERY lightly comb it into the coat). After stitches are out then I would wait a few days before giving her a total bath as you will have to comb and blow dry.

There are threads on how to wash longhair cats in here.
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