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Need a Smile?

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I finally got around to resurrecting the wonderful cards that Heidi made based on the old Caption This pics and captions. We had to take them off the site back when we got repeatedly hacked through various, but now it's time to re-introduce those priceless images!

Click here to see the funny cat pictures!

I'll be putting together more such pages in the future, so stay tuned!

Speaking on new items on the site, just in case you're not subscribed to Kitty Bytes yet, here are the links to the two latest articles on TCS -

Feline Herpes and Rhinotracheitis

Playtime Aggression
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Those caption pictures are brilliant!
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I remember them! Even sent one to a friend.
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Those are so cute!! I love the going to the vet to drop something off one!!
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Those are great! Thanks for putting up the link!
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I love it!! I wondered why the contest stopped but I was offline for over a year. Keep them coming!
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Those are great! Definitely brought a smile to my face
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The "cows replaced with cats" one made me giggle. Hee!
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For some reason, it's the "Free Cat In Every Box" that just dissolves me...
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Oh thoes are the best! I sooo needed a laugh!!!! And a smile!
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Excellent stuff saved to favourites in case I want to e-mail it in future
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I loved the one that said is he ever going to give up, I've already said not tonight.
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They're great. Velcro kitty!
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so cute! thanks for posting the link!
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