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LMAO EnzoLeya!!!!
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Tonight was the first part of a 2 part season finale.

For those who haven't been keeping up, the finalists are:

Rock, Executive Chef
Bonnie, Nanny/Personal Chef

Tonight they got to start on their kitchen design/theme, select uniforms for the wait staff and make up their menu.

Bonnie seemed to have given this part a whole lot of thought because she just rattled off what she wanted by way of restaurant decor, menu and uniforms.

Rock on the other hand was vague and confused. When it came to selecting uniforms he wanted the wait staff to wear blue jeans. You should have seen the look on the face of that French maƮtre d, LMAO

Rock and Bonnie were flown to Vegas for one last challenge. They had to cook their signature dish for some Las Vegas Chefs. I think there were 7 Chef Judges, including the first 2 winners of Hell's Kitchen. Bonnie won the challenge by one vote.

Once back at Hell's Kitchen, the last 6 contestants that were sent home came back and Bonnie and Rock had to pick their cooking team.

Bonnie picked in this order: Jen, Mellisa and Julia

Rock picked in this order: Brad, Vinnie and Josh.

I totally lost all respect for Julia during this episode. She showed up at the loft and never stopped crying. In the kitchen when Chef Ramsey was welcoming everyone back and made a special point of telling Julia that he was really happy to see her again and asked her what the high and low points were for her, she said pretty much everything was a high point, that that "now" was the low point. Everyone including Chef Ramsey looked at her with total disbelief.

Julia stood with the 6 returning contestants while Bonnie and Rock made their choices and she looked upset that Bonnie didn't pick her first, or even second. After the teams were chosen, Julia said in a taped over view that she's hoping Rock wins.

Now what kind of attitude is that?! Given her behaviour tonight I'm glad the little snot went home when she did. Talk about being a poor loser. She should be over the moon for having made it so far in the competition given her lack of culinary skills, and Chef Ramsey's gift of culinary school was nothing to sneeze at. That's thousands and thousands of dollars!!!!

Bonnie said that she picked Melissa second because of Julia's mental state and attitude. Rock said after the teams were picked that Julia is better than Josh, but her mental state and attitude might be a liability.

Next week is the final. Bonnie and Rock run their own kitchen and one of them walks away with a restaurant.
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I think Bonnie will win. I prefer Rock but unless it's the editing, he's coming across as unconfident, and not focused as I'd expect him to be.

Bonnie seems (again, could be how they are editing the show) to have the superior palate and my guess is her menu will be more innovative.

Should be a great finale show next week!
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I like to watch it. His yelling scares me makes me
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