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Is wet cat food safe now?

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I feed my boys dry food, but I was thinking about getting some cans of wet food to give them as a special treat once in awhile (honestly, I don't know if they'd eat it). Now, I know the pet food recall was almost 2 months ago, but I'm still kind of nervous about getting some. I just realized that this is kind of stupid because my dog in Florida eats wet food every day. Anyway, I guess I just need some assurances that I'm not going to kill my babies if I give them some wet food.

Also, I talked to a Humane Society vet (this was before the recall) about wet food vs. dry food, and he said that dry food was just fine by itself. Both my cats seem to be fine existing solely on a diet of dry food, but I still wonder about it.

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Odo has had canned food throughout this fiasco. He's been getting Evanger's the whole time, and occasionally Natural Balance (only one of their canned cat foods was affected) or Innova as well.
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My cats have also been eating canned food throughout the recall. They eat grain free varieties of Wellness and Natural Balance.

By now any recalled food should not be on the shelves at pet or grocery stores. In case you have any doubts about which foods have been recalled here are links to lists of canned and dry recalled foods for cats and dogs.

Regarding what the vet told you about dry food- canned food is actually better for cats. It supplies the protein and fat that cats need for energy. As obligate carnivores cats are not designed to metabolize carbohydrates for energy and dry food is largely carbohydrates. Canned food also supplies the moisture that cats need. Many cats don't drink enough water and there is very little moisture in dry food. Here are links to two sites that discuss cat nutrition and canned food.

Good luck in finding a food your cats will enjoy.
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I think even though the recall was horrible it helped turn people away from some of the lowest quality foods. I would never feed anything with wheat or corn gluten anyway (YUCK). If you are feeding a food that is high quality then you should have nothing to worry about unless there is a recall of foods for a different reason. If you are really worried then get a grain free food, that is the safest, if you joust want a high quality food and don't care if it's grain free then you can think about foods like Felidae and Innova.

Yes cats can live off of dry food alone. You are risking future problems though. Cats don't drink enough water, in the wild I suppose they would get plenty of moisture from their food. Dry food does not provide the moisture their wild caught meals would. Because of this cats are very prone to UTI, crystals and blockages in the urinary tract along with kidney problems. Giving them wet food is the closest things we can do to represent their wild meals, except of course raw which not everyone feels they can do. Wet food is the #1 method to preventing all those urinary and kidney problems. That's my way of seeing it. If I could get the same amount of meals out of wet food that I did out of dry food for the same price then my cats would be on an all wet food diet for sure.
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I know Nutro took canning in house and the stuff on the shelves is the last of the Menu made product, I am waiting till it comes back out for my young one .... Nearly all the stuff on the shelves has been tested and is deemed safe ///

In the interm I am using a few I always have

solid gold

cal natural ( thou I am very wary )


natures prarie

evangers makes own in own factory
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I think you need to make sure you know which products were on the recall list and, if you're planning on buying that brand, which dates/codes were recalled, just in case. I've heard of at least one instance where the recalled food hadn't all been removed from the shelves in a grocery store.

I've been feeding mine wet throughout the recall. For awhile I went to Meow Mix and Fancy Feast (flavors without wheat gluten) til I could sort things out. Now I'm feeding them Evangers, Natural Balance, occasionally Meow Mix, and I just ordered some of the new Wellness flavor (without garlic) to try, as well as some Eagle Pack.

I'm not convinced we've seen the last of the pet food problems, but the cats have to eat, so I've done the best I can.

There are links to some good sites already up in this thread, but I don't think I saw this one, which is basically a list of foods not recalled and information about the company.

Good luck.
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My cats ate wet food throughout the recall too...mainly Wellness, Natural Balance, and Merrick's.

Jean44 and Maxy already said everything I would have about the benefits of wet food.

While a lot of cats are fine on dry food, I am a firm believer that wet is a far, far better option.
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cloud_shade, which Natural Balance wet food was recalled? I know the Green Pea and Venison Dry formula was recalled, but I've not heard anything about their wet food. Two of my cats eat Natural Balance wet almost exclusively, that's why I'm eager to know.

sharky, why are you wary of california natural? This is one of the few brands I feed my cats outside of the Natural Balance. I don't use it often since it can really stink up the house, but is there a reason I should avoid it all together?
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I free feed Princess Nutro Natural Balance Kitten formula and I give her Nutro canned adult wet food once a day.. mostly because it is kinda pricey.

I took her to the vet last week for her spay surgery and her blood test indicated that she is very healthy! Her hydration is almost at a high level, but still in the normal on the little graph he gave me. So, I'm pretty happy with what and how I am feeding her for the time being.

Oh by the way, I stuck with Nutro because I can buy it at Petco, we don't have any specialty feed stores around here, so it was the best I could get yet still convienient to purchase.
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Jenny, is that a little Mau face I see?
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FerrisCat, it was Natural Balance Oceanfish canned. That was the only canned NB flavor that was recalled.
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Thank you beandip. It was amazing and weird, as I had just bought 7 little cans to try all the flavors with Willow (Odo had been getting the Chicken and Venison flavors for quite some time). The only flavor I didn't buy was the Ocean Fish, and it was recalled about a week after I bought the cans.
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Originally Posted by FerrisCat View Post
Jenny, is that a little Mau face I see?
Yes, she is a silver Egyptian Mau
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