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settling in

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After some initial growling and snarling (on Ike's part) Pearl seems to have settled in happily. She and Ike romped, most of the night.

Opie, of course, wants nothing to do with ANY dog. Pearl bounced up to him, wanting to play. Opie spat and swatted her on the nose.

Rowdy is coming around, slowly. She arches, bushes her tail and hisses. She did that same thing with Ike, at first. Now, they are buddies.
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Just one more:
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What cute pictures! Pearl really seems to be growing fast!!! Before you know it, she'll be
H-U-G-E!!!! Do you know what breeds she is yet?
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aw.... so sweet!!!!
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Beautiful dogs! Don't worry furbabies, if you don't like the wittle puppy, you can come and live Down Under with Aunty Kumbulu!!
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We think that Pearl is Great Dane and English Mastiff, with some German Shepherd thrown into the mix. If she grows into those paws, she'll be bigger than Ike.

I laughed myself sick, this afternoon. Those two got into a game of "tag" and ran all over the yard and patio. Its a good thing, that we have a big back yard. The "tag" was interspersed with some heavyweight wrestling matches.

We had a steak for dinner and Ike knows that he gets the bone. There's no way to split one steak bone between two dogs so, we gave Ike the bone, out on the patio and gave Pearl a chewy, in the house.

This house is really beginning to look like a menagerie!
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Part? You mean the little fawn, right? Looks pretty darn Danish to me LOL. Have you seen the pics of my Parker? He looks like that. Parker is a full blooded fawn Dane. How old is that puppy? I'm in the middle of downloading and resizing a bunch of pics then I'll post one of Parker. That puppy looks a lot like my puppy!
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Those are great! Your dogs are so beautiful!
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How cute!!! and yes, the joys of "puppydom" ... just this morning, I was all dressed for work, clean uniform and all, and had to take one of the pups out in the garden to go to the toilet, so off I went, pup on lead... when he suddenly decided he wanted to run down the garden, he pulled sharply and I tripped over a stupid plant, and fell on my butt in the mud, I also landed with my hand ina pile of cat "doo" and twisted my knee, which is now purple and puffy not only that, but once I had gotton up again, pup had to check I was ok and jumped all over me with muddy paws.... thankfully hubby is at home today so he drove me to work once I had cleaned myself up... :laughing:
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Awww what great dogs! Did you rescue Pearl? How old is she? Sure looks like she feels right at home! I look forward to more pics of them! Maybe with the kitties even?!
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My son, Mark, rescued Pearl. He was on the job (he locates buried water and utility lines) and she came out of a culvert. She was scrawny and her backbone and ribs stuck out. Mark took her home and fattened her up.

He couldn't keep her, though and couldn't find anyone, that he trusted to take good care of her. Two weeks ago, he brought her to our house and Bill fell in love with her. Mark kept her until we got back from Vegas.

She's a very affectionate and energetic puppy. She and Ike have had some marathon games of "tag". Neither of the cats, as yet, want to play with her, though.
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Looks like Bill got quite the greeting when you got home. Pearl is a real cutie pie, and it looks like Ike has warmed up to her nicely. I would bet Rowdy will too, given a bit of time. She will have TWO big play-toys now!!
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