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Cats and Birds

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I have 2 cockatiels right now, but in a few weeks my family will be adopting 2 cats. I am afraid that the cats will go after the birds. Does anyone have any ideas and suggestions on how the cats and birds can live together with out the cats going after them? Thank You in advance, IBelongInTheZoo
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I have a bird room where the cats are not allowed. One of my cats is an extremely good hunter, very predatory, and it is just not worth the risk IMO. One thing to bear in mind is that cats have bacteria in their mouths to which birds have no defence at all, and it can kill them if they don't get treatment within 24 hours of contact with it, so even if the cats don't try to hunt the birds they still shouldn't be allowed to interact.
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I agree - figure out a NO cats allowed room that the birds can stay in and cats can't.

You might see those cute persians with a bird sitting on their heads and think its safe...but sooner or later Kitty will be having bird for dinner. Safer birds tend to be the larger ones like Macaws where the cats do show them more respect, but cockatiels are small enough for the cat to kill if they want to.
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I agree. One thing that I'd like to add is that even a scratch from a cat can be deadly. I work closely with a parrot organization and am currently fostering 2 parrots (1 Amazon & 1 Senegal). I do have a bird room, but, if that isn't an option, keep a spray bottle close by, so if the cat goes near the bird, you can squirt with water. Don't spray in the face, but this is a humane way to teach the cat that the bird is off limits, because you aren't physically doing anything, so you're not a suspect in where the water came from. The only problem with this is what to do when no one is home. That is where it's better to make sure that either the bird or cat is in a separate room if no one can supervise. Good luck!
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if a cat uses its head it has the ability to take out any pet bird it wants to no matter the size no bird can escape a cats bite to the neck but that being said cats are smart and will soon pick up what birds are part of the family and what birds arent

I keep chickens ducks and pigeons my cats wont touch hunt my birds but they have killed other birds including a good sized grouse that was bigger then my chickens

Also if my cats see a sea gull or a crow on the property they will go right after it so they do know what is the "familys Bird" and what isnt just takes a bit of time though
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I keep my birds up high and my cat doesn't jump up high so they are safe. It is risky having birds and cats together in a house but others have managed.
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