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Please keep "our" kitties in your prayers!

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I've got all my fingers and toes crossed - it looks like we may have found a home for two of the outside kittens!!!

We have pasted posters everywhere, plastered pics on the web, contacted endless shelters and local rescue and/or adoption orgs....

and today at the checkout counter at the A&P, we were chatting with the woman ringing us up (we know almost all of them), and the woman next to us heard us chatting about the cats and asked - you've got kittens for adoption? YUP!

I'm putting together a little one-page "directions" on "Bringing Outside Cats In" (don't want to scare anyone with the word "feral"), and, of course, listing TCS as a reference for any questions or problems.

We're meeting her tomorrow at noon with pics of all the kittens. And call us nuts, but if she and hubby are actually going to adopt two of them, we're only going to let them go in the pairs they've created: Julius and Spooky, or Magic and Thanksgiving. If they're only adopting one, it'll be heartbreaking for someone - but with the TCS board magic at work, maybe we just won't have to worry about that! (Knock wood).

Please Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'll keep my fingers crossed that she is a good cat person and that she and her husband want two rather than just one!
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**crossing fingers, eyes, toes, eyebrows, legs, arms...**
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Oh I really hope they will take both of them!!! Keep us posted! Sending up good thoughts!
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Well, after long deliberation, Gary and I have decided to include Munchie's picture in the stuff we're taking over to the potential adopter. It'll break our hearts - but she's litterbox trained, healthy, and no longer shy about people. She's a "ready made" pet. I so hope she doesn't want Munchie.... but if she does, then we'll bring Spooky inside. I guess we're turning out to be foster parents after all.

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Laurie I so hope she'll give a good home to two of them!! Perhaps a good argument would be that it will be an easier transition for them to go in pairs, as well as the usual arguments for adopting 2 kittens.

Good thoughts coming your way!!
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Oh! I hope they find thier forever home! I'm wishing you all good luck!
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Happy dance, happy dance!!!! She and hubby want Julius and Spooky! Julius is HUGE and we told her so - she wants a big kitty! Spooky is an orange and grey tabby - hubby wanted a tabby! (And Spooky is so cool - the pads on her feet are all black, and she has black fur on the backside of all her feet all the way up to her knee).


The cats are already over at the Vet. Thanksgiving has runny eyes and a cold, so we want to make sure that Spooky and Julius are healthy before she takes them home. They'll get de-wormed again, so they're spending at least one night at the Vet's. I really think this is the best way to do it - although they'll be freaked out, they should be so happy to go somewhere that isn't the Vets. We're going to meet her over there when she comes to pick them up to take them home. I've explained it to Julius and Spooky as many times as I could today - I just hope they understand.

I've got to go finish writing up that worksheet I was making for her!

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HOORAY!!!! I'm so happy for Julius and Spooky!! Even if they don't understand right now, they will soon. They will have all the food they can eat, a warm place to sleep, nothing to worry about but playing, each other to keep them company, and people who will love them like you do only ALL THE TIME! I'm sure they will be freaked out, but they will adjust.
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YAAAAAAAAY for Julius & Spooky!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to hear this!!!

I am sure they will be very very happy with their new owners!!!
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Wonderful news! I hope they will have a great forever home there!
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Wow, thats great news. Congrats to Julius and Spooky, and you as well! What a nice story to start my day!
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I am so glad that they have forever homes! I am sure they will be well loved! And you still have Munchie (Iwould adopt her if I could).
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