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Male cats hanging around my garden

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I have a female cat (Portia) and most nights there's a male cat howling outside in our back garden. Most times she seems to tease them by sitting at the window but sometimes they get involved in this ritual which means they will hiss a bit and perhaps swipe at each other. Portia doesn't seemed distressed in fact she often purrs, but sometimes this one particular ginger male comes in the house. She allows this for a bit and then she chases him out. I don't know what to do. Do I chase them all away? Or is she befriending this ginger tom (i think he may be a stray)?

Any help would be most appriciated, apart from the sleepless nights, I really want to do the right thing by my cat.

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Portiacat; Has your female been spayed? If not do you intend to breed her? Usually the cats that come around like this are male and only come for one reason....

Believe me, if your female is not spayed, they will know when she is in season even if she never leaves her house!
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Yes my cat (who is 3 years old) has been spayed!
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Portia; Since she has been spayed then the tom can do no harm except to spray in your house. He may be the one who just needs a friend particularly if he was recently abandond. He may miss people. If he is a young cat I would say that he will come around and then you can have him neutered and if they take to each other they will be good friends who can live together if that is what you want. The other cats in the neighborhood may just come out of curiosity or if you feed them they will definitely come around. The choice is up to you as far as how much attention you give them.
Howling male cats is something you can't do much about short of catching and neutering them all!!!

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I would also beware of FELV and FIV. If this cat is a tom, then he may have something he very well could give to your baby. If you think you may keep him as a pet I would take him to the vet and have him tested. Just be careful with strays.
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Thankyou everyone for your help. I feel much safer at night knowing why these males are acting this way.

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