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Skin flakes

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Ashley has always had a pretty big dandruff issue...when you separate her fur, you can even sometimes see the scales of skin. The vet had told me it was from a lack of grooming and since then, I have been using a flea comb on her, brushing her, etc. to keep mats from forming, etc. Well, she STILL has the problem! I checked out the website that was posted above, but nothing seems to fit this. She doesn't do any sort of excesive scratching or anything so do I need to worry about it or just let it go?
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I had one cat that had flacky skin in patches. I had it tested and nothing. What finally worked was a medicated shampoo from the vet that was very moisterizing. What do you use to wash your cat?
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Ashley take a BATH with water?!?!? RIGHTTTT!!!! But I guess I sure could try that. What did you use?
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What is she eating? I think raw egg or added fish or other healthy oil might help, as well as a better food. Skin problems come from the inside, so work inside out, so long as there is no other cause such as fleas.
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She eats Iams in both dry and canned and only gets canned maybe once a week (or less) as a treat. She has always had this problem, but I have noticed that summer it is less than in the winter. You can REALLY see it when I comb her. If you take the fur that comes out and spread it up to the light, you can see TONS of it.
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She's always had this problem...well that doesn't make it right. Sorry but Iams is total crap. It's filled with by-products and corn and a bunch of nasty things. It's a total rip off. Try Nutro Naturals, Natural Balance, Nature's Recipe for foods available at Petco/Petsmart? and great foods but harder to find, Wellness, Innova, some of the Royal Canin line, Wysong.

Also both human and animal skin is drier in the winter due to heating especially. Again I would recommend adding some supplements to her food like garlic, fish oil or vitamin e, and occassionally a raw egg, especially the yolk.
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Hi Carrie

Here is a website that carries some really good products that will help your cat. The rehydrating spray is great! You can also buy some fish oil and add it to her dry food. That will help her as well- and make sure she is drinking lots of water.

Skin Care
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I think I need to give one of my cat's a supplement of either egg yolk or fish oil for his coat? How much does he need and what kind of fish oil do you use?
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Salmon oil is great, or safflower or olive oil.
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You can also use cod liver oil. Just a teaspoon on the dry food at first mix it up well until the cat gets used to it.
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I guess I never knew that Iams was bad! What about Science Diet? I see that in Vet;s offices ALL of the time. I never heard of the other stuff.

I will have to try adding things to her food (fish oil, etc). Where do you get those things? The grocery store? I have never had to buy anything like that in the past.
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It's always good to do research behind any pet food you feed. Some products do humane animal testing, while others practice not so humane testing on animals. Many pet food companies are backed by large corporations. You will find that when you do research over the Internet on this subject that you will have to remember that not everything written about a product is always true. Just use your best judgement, talk to vets and breeders and get an idea of what the best product is to use and go from there.

As far as cod liver oil, you can buy it at most major drug stores or health food stores. Fish oil is harder to find. Good luck with finding your own answers.
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Where do you find information on these products? I have no clue! I mean, sure, you can go the manufacturer's website, but they are only going to talk the product up!
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Oh now you're in for it...LOL

You are so right about their info. What you need to do is learn about ingredients and labeling. Gimme a day or so and I'll have you some links. I am in the middle of cooking dinner...excuses excuses.
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Thank you! Whenever you get the chance is fine
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This one's kinda hard to navigate, but worthwhile

Several are geared towards dogs, but the label info still applies to cat food. I feed my dog a home diet, but have not managed to convince my kitties of this unfortunately. They turned down raw, cooked, and even several varieties of homemade kibble. They eat Natural Balance cat food, which they love. I'd prefer they ate real food, but this is a compromise for us for now, and they look really good. Poppy has always had skin problems and she is nice and plush on this food.
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AACCKKKK!!! What a NIGHTMARE that these companies would DO this to our animals! Do they feed this crap to their pets, as well???!!! I really would've liked to see actual specific lists of the bad foods (brand), but I guess I can just go off the list of the few that were recommended. The Wellness stuff looks yummy even for people! Whitefish, turkey?? Count me in! lol I think they will eat better than us!
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Glad to "turn" another person to my cause LOL. I figure someday if enough of us pet owners are informed and enraged, this can stop. Unfortunately so many people don't know, and it just makes me sooo made that pet food companies can get away with the false advertising they run. People think they are feeding something great and they aren't, and these companies just don't care. It's all about the buck!

Wellness is a good brand. Parker (dog) eats their biscuits, the kitties get the crumbs, and I've even tried them although I find them a bit dry! The kitties eat Natural Balance, I actually haven't found any Wellness cat food around here so far. But they are good on the NB and I have seen a marked improvement in Poppy's skin problems.

As far as specific companies go, I think they don't identify them in the articles for fear of lawsuits. The pet food companies are huge - Purina is Nestle Ralston Purina, Iams is made by Proctor and Gamble, I believe. To get in a lawsuit with them, even if they lost, would cost the little guy more than the big corps. The important thing is to learn to read labels, speak with your wallet, and inform people who are interested!
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